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Preston, You're talking Redskins. Yes, I'm also talking Kyle Alan, who joins a list of 22 quarterbacks to start for Washington this century head coach Ron Rivera is going with third year pro Kyle Allen and Week five instead of Dwayne Haskins with Alex Smith as the back up, I just felt, you know, based on the things that have gone on On with Dwayne based on his development, where he is it's. We're better off putting the ball in the hands of guys that know our system. Guys been our system for three years, backed up by guy that's been in the system before, And there's a little bit more conflict quarterback Alan through for over 3300 yards last year, while with Carolina and coach Rivera, We will hear from Kyle Island at 3 15 to more Tennessee Titans. Players have tested positive for Cove in 19. They're supposed to play Buffalo Sunday. They're weak for match up with Pittsburgh was postponed. Playoff baseball. Atlanta leads Miami one Nothing in the second inning Dansby Swanson solo homer, putting the Braves on the board in Anderson definitely not living in the past, striking out four over his first two frames on the mound next hour. Houston plays Oakland Astros on a Tuo Siri's lead. French Open tennis men's quarterfinals Thompson, Novak Djokovic and Pablo Carreno splitting their first two sets there in the third. Dave Preston w T o p sport flying weather around here right now, but the Gulf Coast is bracing for another hurricane. That story ahead. 37 Michael Robinson. I remember the day when you first came into the good feed store. I remember to Jonathan. To be honest, I was a skeptic. As a former pro football player. I felt I had the best treatment in products for foot pain. I certainly have paid enough for them. But the only problem is they didn't work. Then we fit you with good feet. Art supports and what was the light? Relief. Comfort and support not just for my feet but alignment for my entire body manner through all of the other stuff away, and now I can get out of bed without worrying about my feet. So if you had these art supports earlier You really think you would have two championship rings now? No doubt about it. Hey, maybe would have helped me play football. Not think you made the right source. Jonathan. Just keep on running, brother..

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