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But I understand why he would be frustrated. I mean, he gets no credit. He's given the warriors that biggest margin for error in NBA history. And when he wins it turns into this like never ending wormhole of takes and it just shitty. Like, I would be frustrated if I were Kevin Durant. Look, I mean, you've got blood on your hands. Don't try to like try try to describe the verdict. See dispassionately, you're the one who kills us guy after everything it says step deserves all the credit for it. I mean. Yeah, I get it too. Well, let's really let me let me ask you though, Katie LeBron is Katie the one guy where LeBron would actually treat him close to being appear. Not dislike oak kid talk for like kyri, where he respected enough to let him basically, do whatever he wants. And then do you think LeBron has realized here the aging process how it's caught up to mellow hats caught up to way how it seems to be maybe slowly catching up with Chris Paul where? Where he might actually be willing to take a little bit of step back and say, you know, open open arms for Kevin Durant. Okay. You can kind of be the shared face of the Lakers and the championship jolt. I can see that being in LeBron's best interest in him actually being able to maybe change some of these behaviors that he's never been willing to change previously. Yeah. And I think that is possible for a couple of reasons number one. I do think that the next four months whether the Lakers make the playoffs are not we're going to see LeBron humbled to a degree that we just haven't seen in the last decade, and and it's not necessarily going to be his fault. But it is going to be sort of a reality. Check like, look I'm going to need help. If we're going to make this work in LA. And so I think that will play into how views whatever the next steps are and number two though and just as important Durant is a living legend there are three living legends currently playing basketball right now. Number one is libra. Number two is Steph curry number three's Durant, and that's the end of the conversation. As far as guys who were going to be talking about for the next fifty years. And so, of course, of course, you would give Durant that kind of credit, and and I think it could really be healthy and to circle back to something you said like five minutes ago, the reason I liked this move. Most is because it would be original. And I think one of the things with Durant. That has been frustrating is he's just been sort of following LeBron's playbook, even going to Golden State was essentially like following LeBron's blueprint and taking it to a more extreme level..

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