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As it turns out you know the juggernaut getting stocked by someone who has the power of captain. Universe suspender mankind of takes himself. Yoke appoints himself the protector of juggernaut. Because it's like wow wolf. Anyone who could do that to him is got too much power. Needs to be know can't can't continue doing that he i don't wanna see you know juggernaut. His you know not a great person but like he doesn't deserve to get like killed like that so it's like you know he's got so he. He basically tries to step in between these two superpower beings in. How does that go for him. Dan. i'm by the end pretty well. Initially not initially it becomes like a fire. Lord fight where it's tearing down buildings and and causing you know a ton of damage. And i think it's fun. The first issue of this. I think is a blast ma. The only reason. I think maybe it doesn't totally fit in this storytelling tropes it starts out that way. And i think it'd be a better story if it kind of just repeated past history it because eventually kind of comes down to kind of like cosmic mumbo jumbo and the rules of captain universe and things like that and it doesn't really rely on spiderman pure bravado not that i need to see spiderman taking down captain universe because even i might balk that i do think like it followed that like the trope by roger stern. I think the story would have been better because it is cooled as the roles flipped where juggernaut is essentially the madame web character. But i just the conclusion to this is just kind of silly. It's like within standard realms comic books but it's not quite as meaningful as seeing spiderman. Give it his all in the way that these others do so weirdly enough it it. Doesn't i think showcased. This storytelling structure entirely does showcase other spiderman tropes. I like you know. Actually what i kind of enjoyed actually in rereading this story this past weekend in prep for this i i had forgotten about this. This twist with the story but like you know the person who has the power of captain universe. He was someone who was in one of the office. Buildings that juggernaut in spiderman fought through during the original comic and because of the building destruction. He ends up getting laid off from his job. So and he. Basically inherits the power of the a 'nigma force suite of mumbo jumbo and a botched attempt to kill himself because his life has lost all meaning and purpose so kind of like ads that for spiderman at least that level of responsibility and guilt. Because it's like you know he was a party to this. Which is you know. A classic spire metro but is that overcoming possible is not as much i. I think this this. This story tap dances with it and like even tap dances with spiderman when he was captain universe and like some of the things that were done there that might fit into this genre a bit but like to me like it never goes full full out into this into this trope which probably is why even though he was exciting. That stern was back on the book and they were doing a sequel to this. It didn't to me never. It really didn't live up to the original. I kinda just felt like oh. That's that was fine but you know that took i. I don't know if my life would have gained or lost meaning if it never existed. That makes sense..

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