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On the socks have a shot at a Syriza sweet. Here's the pitch. Swinging a line shot to left. It's going to be caught out there by Williams tagged by eaten throw to the plate. He is out. Head first slide, Kissner tagged in the Cory got in and feel back. Straight up with two outs, the 11 home Drive deep to left, and it's going to go. That's a home run for Tommy Edmund. The Cardinals had the early lead. It is his third of the season. It was a line shot for the first bit of the ballgame. One Nothing. ST Louis bases loaded bottom 3 to 2 the count. A pitch. Popped him up foul ground. First base side. It's Goldsmith and he makes the grab socks of stranded five through three islands will slide toward the outside corner, swinging a pop up on the infield kopeck landed awkwardly and that's fall will be caught by Moncada as kopeck will Very cautiously limped back toward the dugout, so we'll see if he's all right. That was a very awkward landing after that pitch. Another blast to left. It's a home run for Edmund, Tommy Edmund to White Sox. Nothing. The pitch now tip Strike three on the Cardinals salvage the Syriza. Analysis. Blood. Casper..

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