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Kind of off and on relationship is adds a little bit. She's she doesn't do a whole lot. But i think it's somewhat interesting. It's more interesting until the end. The end is where it gets a little bit. Yeah and i don't mind as much the relationship with the sister i think. The main issue is with alex For who. I don't really care about as you were saying. And i yeah i. I don't think he's as charismatic. And i'm not really given a reason as you. You said to really care about him. I love channing. Tatum and you know i'll watch him all day. But i think the the times it did cut away. I was like all right. Yeah let's get back you know. Yeah channing angers the whole movie. And i almost never thought that i'd be at the at a place of lake. It's it's almost worth the watch for his performance alone. I the olivia munn thing. Works for me until the end and then when it ends it ends up for me kind of also harming the dynamic that he had with the sister because it almost feels like a. Oh this other thing. That i was maybe going to do and maybe get serious with. But it didn't work didn't work so now i'll go with option b. Yeah and so for me that kind of harmed that a little bit. Another big note For me was that if he wanted to if he really cared about the sister and really cared about this kid. I did need channing and maybe this was stephen. Maybe this channing. Maybe it was the script. I needed mike to feel more engaged when The kid overdoses or is like over served as potentially going to ask rate. 'cause he's like oh look. He's fine is breathing. It's okay no harm no foul and it's like a dude could've died in your home. Yeah you should at least be a little bit more concerned. Come on mike. I agree will one random point. I love the scene at the gym. Where matthew mcconaughey. As alex peta for how to dance yeah great stuff and yeah so i think it's yeah it's just a really charming really interesting film but you know i think if you have not seen it or you have hesitation to watch it for whatever reason i would really check it out because there's a lot more there than you would think know for. I was i was very pleasantly surprised. And if i you know not that. I'm some gold metric by which you should measure any kind of experience but i'm one of those people who walked in with a certain amount of skepticism and walked out pleasantly surprised And so. I think that i'm a pretty tough nut to crack on certain things and so i think that if you have any hesitation i was in that camp and i was really happy with what i got..

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