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You were hiding your talent behind that neon poppy or amplifying. You're being too loud. Yeah. You headlines even when you are talking. In an ensemble sometimes he needed to shine. Still Focus is always stealing. But I tell you of fucked up story is that. I would I studied at the Atlantic Theater Company acting school and and. Yeah. I'm going to say on this podcast David Mamat came and gave us a guest class and said to me He called me he was sort of like famously gruff and. Super scared when when you like 'cause he would show about an hour and you have to like. Dad. You have to put something up for him right now, claw pair to like a scene the whatever, and he was really such a God at that school and you know in in the community at large and And I put up a scene that I had written and it was really scary. But I was like fuck it I'm going to want to see what happens and he. He usually would cut people off halfway through so brutal and he let me get through it and then he said who wrote that and I said I did he you should you should keep writing and it was so beautiful. But then afterwards, he came up to me and he said, why are you here and I said like I was I was like, what do you mean his? You're acting school like I'm here to learn a craft and he was like, well, your shelf life is short. What is an why are you could be a writer? Not An actor acting though I, think acting wise he was like you should just be allowed there. No go out there and start working. Oh Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. As a as an on camera presence because you're all the matter. So don't worry about the crafts because and at the time he might have been right. He might have not known the shift to that was coming. Well, you know what I mean. I mean he was right in that. I'm on his sign mazes amazingly, but it was so discouraging like as a young woman who was who was so excited to be. So if your career now if this is you discouraged. Imagine like David Mamat held you back. This is you this is you at your like lowest success Because he you. Well Wow. I. Remember we were at the practical I didn't I don't think I knew that so practical handbook, right? Yeah. Whatever, yes, my my. Training. But don't tell me you don't do that. Shit. Insane. Prep the. Prep Ray I, do not I hate that crap. On Lipsticks train there that's just the book Beta where I was I remember we were at a wrap party for Whitney. A wrap party and I always thought the key 'cause I was reading books on how to be a boss I just like I was like I'm trying my boss now I have to figure it out. So I would like read these books I'd like to in the morning. like how to win friends and influence like how to you know and one of them is like know everybody's name all the time. So I'm GonNa know everyone's name because it was like I'm a woman I'm in charge people already hate me already actress. So the writers in the room hate me because I'm the actress in the actress hate me because I'm also the right. Are you know it's like I'm I, ever triggering everyone and I'm You know also have no idea what I'm doing right and then So I learned like snow everybody's names and that was my whole thing. I'd stay up at night now in memorize the whole cast cast I had to learn your names finding. Probably. Would memorize the whole cruelest right because I was like, Oh, they're gonNA think I'm leak will to them and like Hey John Look them in the I like no one's GonNa feel abandoned and rejected by me in they're gonNA do their best work and this is all going to go get fixed and the ad campaigns are gonNA come to. Or whatever I was hoping you know I'm GonNa stop being like you know humiliated in the press and and size of the wrap party and someone whose name I didn't know and it was like, oh. No, you know I've to go introduce myself to this person I was like, Hi, know you your name and here's like I'm John was like Oh. What do you do on the show like I'm a good News like, Oh, I fix your face in post. Like what I was like, what do you mean? He's like, oh. Yeah. I take out your circles and post and I was like, Oh, I beat fair he did it needs to be that specific no. Oh, to be fair he has asked Burgers. Yeah he panicked. I'm impose I'm in post she said, I. Don't WanNa, take that. Well, he was proud of his word I mean that's the other thing is like I'm the one that told he and he thought he was. You know he thinks good. He was helping. He was you know he didn't know that I didn't know. So I was told you have to turn and cuts five days sooner I didn't know I would they lied to me and they didn't tell me. which is probably the right. Probably the right thing to do in retrospect. But yeah so I looked like. Marzipan in the show, it's just I looked like a piece of cake. I looked like a pound. yeah. Is that? Is it a favorite food like five or six words she like? She called the craft legacy. Visual Marginal Marzipan. It's so are you mean it looks like it's like Oh God. I was on bad wi fi. Arabs. Jet Blue. It's animated, right? It's The whole thing out of focus on. Make it a dream like say? It just took her two hours to watch the trailer. So bad your wedding. Oh my God. Mary still engaged. Take your time the best. Aber so hot so hot it's really hot. So we waited nine years to get married. Yeah. That's right. That's right. Yeah. How long what how long till the craft until this talk over we've got three or four more hours on. I. Comes out on October twenty eighth today today. Oh my God. We love you. Thank you for doing this. This is our reunion, our Whitney rain again, we'll do it real when they get back Yes for sure Congrats the both of you I. Love You starring everybody. I mean, you're better call Saul unbelievable. Come on unbelievable work. Thank, you give her all. The awards. Let's give me all the awards. Yeah. You don't have time to do all the bullshit brunches and shed are actually what got people the awards by awards. Because, you're working get more money than. Like people know there were like the bullshit of awards it's all like who's willing to go the most breakfasts I Love Yeah and then the studio has play all. You're missing I feel like we're not the takeaway which is was aligned that Roxanne said in her audition, not the takeaway. Not to take away, not take away. All right I'm going to set. We're doing an all night shoot. Oh my God I love you. Happy to be working. Right by guys. Come on let us surprise I might take these. Yes. These now come off invention. What was your question about? Well right back it s OK. P. I have a lot. It's your turn so First of all I just WanNa know or say for everyone that's going to watch assist the maybe have my expectations at the way that you go about introducing us into these moments from the original craft. Is So. New in respect for like the way that you threw in lights stiffen as a board where it was a moment and like this thing remember this thing guys everybody remember this we remember and you gave us so many new moments too attached to was golden. Thank you. There's once I don't want to give too much in the movie whip. There's one scene specifically in this movie that really stuck out to me were they are. Talking with This mellow character who has had this like rebirth into this new identity and how he gets there anything but where they?.

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