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Good morning I'm Nathan Hager And I'm Karen Moscow and U.S. futures are rebounding this morning We're coming up to 6 O one on Wall Street and we check the markets every 15 minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg Right now S&P futures are up 61 points Down futures at 423 and NASDAQ futures up 240 the Dax in Germany is a 4.9% The ten year treasury down 1530 seconds yield 1.89% They yield on the two year 1.65% Nymex crude oil down 1.7% on $2 13 cents at a $121 50 cents a barrel and co make gold is down 1.2% or $23 60 cents at $2019 announced Nathan Okay Karen thanks We'll have more on the markets in a minute First the latest on the war in Ukraine Russian forces have intensified their strikes on Kyiv We get the very latest from Bloomberg's Ed Baxter The bulk of Russian forces are about 30 miles away from the city Now this coincides with what U.S. intelligence director Avril Haines is telling the House intelligence committee that Vladimir Putin thought the war would end in two days and that he will now be more brutal So our analysts assess the Putin is unlikely to be deterred by such setbacks and instead may escalate essentially doubling down to achieve Ukrainian disarmament and neutrality Haynes says if the resistance continues it may have to change with some kind of face saving action but that that resistance will have to remain very strong In San Francisco I'm at Baxter Bloomberg daybreak Right Ed thank you And Ukraine president volodymyr zelensky is calling for more support from allies He addressed the UK House of Commons yesterday Please increase the pressure of sanctions.

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