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Elminating judges that are really like so i'm going to have to live with that but nobody says hillary clinton you've supported you've enabled and you have allowed a sexual predator took to not only walk in our midst oh it's way worse than that you helped elevate him to a position of the highest power in the world where he then used it to get an intern on her knees in the oral office excuse me oval office and that actually was approached prodi and slip i did not mean to say that did not anyway richard i really did not mean just fractured i did not mean to say that i swear to you i that was a freudian slip this just frustrates me it makes me angry it makes me disappointed in all the women with their moral posturing right now and it just it iritated me three zero three seven one three 85 85 i really want hillary voters if there any listening to call 'cause i really wanna have made me understand make me understand why the this behavior by bill clinton i didn't even get into general jennifer flowers remember when jennifer flowers came out and said i had an affair with bill clinton and the and bill and hillary they went on sixty minutes and hillary said oh i'm not tammy wynette i'm judges stand by my man but she's lying and the evidence does and then what was it six years later the bill clinton's like yeah kind of banged her yeah yeah all these women that the clinton said were lying later on bill clinton admitted that they weren't so do they have any credibility on these these issues because if you think they do that i have got a bridge in brooklyn for sale that i would like.

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