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Deadly car crash has left the seatac city halston and a south Seattle community in mourning. A newly appointed seatac city council woman has died Saturday around one Amina Ahmed was killed in a head on collision on south one hundred eighty eighth street in seatac she lived in south King County for the last twenty years as an immigrant. She was a voice for immigrant and refugee rights and in October was appointed to the seat. Jack city council, I mean as friends had planned to meet and greet. So the community could get to know the new council member it will still take place on December twenty first. Instead, it will be a time to honor the life of Amina Ahmed state troopers were out in force this weekend across the state cracking down on drunk drivers. In just the first couple of hours Friday night, five DUI's were caught and sahoma county alone was state trooper John ax men took part in enforcement action. It's a really big deal for us to work as one unit on to achieve a goal to used a mobile unit that allows them to process DUI's faster, getting them back on the road faster. Statewide, there've been nearly fifteen thousand DUI arrests this year, two troopers will join the DUI taskforce later this month in Snohomish county police continue their investigation of a fight that broke out at a Lynnwood bar this mish county sheriff's office is a group of alleged white supremacists. Walked into the rec room bar and attacked a black DJ witnesses. Tell us the group was yelling racial slurs. The DJ in a fight broke out. The DJ was taken to the hospital with non serious injuries. Police say they arrested eight men for suspicion of malicious harassment and assault. Can police are looking for a man they say is considered armed and dangerous after a deadly shooting and happened in the parking lot of the Tara via apartments overnight. Friday police do have a person of interest. No, they are. Now looking for hosts way Rivera Cruz. Anyone who sees Rivera crews are knows where he may be should not approach him, but call nine one one Renton police have arrested twenty five or twenty year old man in connection with the deadly shooting that happened last Friday the shooting stems from two men fighting with twenty year old Jason Hobbs junior. Hobbs was later found beaten and shot to death in the parking lot of the Renton ridge apartments. Police are still looking for another suspect. Police in Lacey are investigating a fire that destroyed Jehovah's Witness kingdom hall early Friday. The fire is the sixth incident since March, and what appears to be a string of attacks target. Jehovah's Witnesses Thurston county sheriff John snazzy says local church members aren't edge after the attacks. Makes you feel.

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