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With that problem of red dye, because that was killing people. Oh, no. No. That's Sean, that's not me. I'm not making that noise. That's a great story about Peter butter cups. Some story about peanut butter cups. The story about the or cocoa butter. Chocolate milk is a luxury at peanuts butter. Yeah. The suffrage me out, not the candy of the, the video thing. Tom put me off that forever, right? We come back into to my Todd show is the long twenty two year construction project. You've been driving through down to come away is coming to an end or is it just a milestone on your journey to commuting in heaven? Well, no heavily let's say it that way right now. We'll get a traffic report from Tracy. So I just got a text message at nine eight nine seven three seven. Hey trace what's going on, on westbound five? Twenty sunshine rain. You name it, it happened. And that's why we have a lineup from four zero five all the way out to montlake. And very brutal drive both directions of I five in and out of the city. So when the I five corridor between Northgate in downtown is clogged this causes problems for our drive across the lake and that includes those of you over on the east side and heading into downtown. There's some slowing on a west bound ninety as well from the lid getting out towards the mount Baker tunnel. Both directions of ninety nine or. Troubling between south lake union and the stadiums. The gas leak is still in Puyallup has a few residual backups. And now a car fire reported northbound five out near city centre in Tacoma. More on that coming up at five zero three traffic brought to you by emerald Queen casino. Pat Benetton Neil Giraldo at the emerald Queen Jones men's clothing. The fifty percent off and range five starting at just ninety nine ninety nine still not.

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