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Once in the left handers been throwing plenty in the bullpen Schumacher left handed batter is going to face Chris larue ma'am what do the cardinals have in mind there will be a pinch hitter Corey Patterson comes out on deck to bat for Kyle Loesch Schumacher can handle the bat he can get a bunt down we'll see what the cardinal salmon mine the Redbirds leading forty three as we planned the seventh inning runner at first base Yadier Molina leadoff man is on for the fifth time in seven innings showing no signs of bonding skeptics outside ball one from Chris larue Lincoln is gone after four runs three earned on eight hits over five and a third for the pirates larue from the belt look to first base another look over there a step off no throw Bariloche threw one hundred pitches through six innings eight hits three runs earned one walk that was intentional and three strikeouts right now he's in line for one number fourteen with the cardinals leading for three now the pitch to mockers swings round ball deep short offset Daniel's love into short left field taking a turn at second Molina will stop and the cardinals have runners at first and second with nobody out that's a basic prescription Amaker his second hit tonight today you'll have to go a good distance and still got just the webbing of the glove just the tip of the glove on the ball Anderson was in the on deck circle now he's being called back what surprised me to see Terrio come out to try to get a bunt down to move the runners to second and third for for call hello sh he's done for the night.

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