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I think our main goal is bigger than misfits Gerald's case not that it's not a part of what we're working for I think the ultimate goal is to help people who are in some situation who will be down the road that this happen to anybody else Now students are also concerned about the message the suspension is sending, to their. LGBTQ classmates now. Tonight's parents. Forum is the. First of. Four that are going to be held over several weeks there are only twenty spots available in each session and parents have, to call the school to reserve a spot reporting at Ron collie high school illicit Donovan RTD six, Elissa thank you it is five oh seven in, the father of two young boys who drowned in the northwest Indiana river, is now in jail and facing charges officials say. Eric Petillo may have been under the influence of drugs when his sons two year. Old evidence four-year-old Levi fell. Into, the kankakee river Tuesday afternoon a fisherman spotted one of the boys floating in, the water. And says Patillo laid nearby seemingly oblivious to what was happening. The fishermen in friend rushed into the water and pulled the boys out some fortunate there's something like this happen I it hits us hard when I got the information from from our command staff and our patrol officers at, the scene that we had I took it off at first as a possible two or four, year old child that drown when I read it, again I realized it's two juveniles the in the drowning and that's hard, for us both boys died at the hospital Eric. Patillo is being held on preliminary charges of neglect of a dependent resulting in death. If convicted he could face. Up, to forty years behind bars Attends confrontation with police you thousands of times on. Facebook now a man says he. Plans to take legal action after he was profiled then assaulted outside his. Own apartment Jay Quan dean says it happened, this past weekend while he was sitting in a car outside his apartment on the. Northwest side twenty security officer out of, uniform approaches asking if he lives there. Dean refused to talk to him so the officer called other security. Officers who then later called, police suffered a nerve injury I no longer, have filling in my hand, right here he's a. Sitting in your car you don't have the so no d the security officer is James Reynolds he runs. A private company out of Plainfield but call six investigates learned that he was fired from the Marion county sheriff's office in, two thousand thirteen Reynolds told us he would not comment on this case now. You do have certain rights police. Stop you inside your vehicle the ACLU of Indiana says you always have the right to. Remain silent but you should tell police you do have you You did decide to exercise that right. You also have the right to refuse. To consent to a search of yourself, your car or your home. And, if police are not arresting you you also have the right to calmly leave the scene it is five. Oh nine Kyle you, are taking a look at our weather and boy it's a chilly one out there today temperatures running about, ten degrees cooler than this time yesterday morning so don't let that, surprise you as you head out. The door may need that jacket there we've got a temperature of fifty one for you. This morning and Crawford's Ville Fifty-three in rush fill fifty. Six forty now in Muncie and. Bloomington at fifty four degrees it's going to be a beautiful afternoon as. We make it close to eighty with all, that sunshine and a great night Ed victory field the Indians first pitch there at. Seven oh five weather temperature of seventy, seven degrees clear skies by eleven o'clock. We're at sixty eight degrees so a very nice and quiet night. Of whether but hey summer, is far from done here in central Indiana, we're going to see those, numbers approaching ninety degrees As we get into early next week Kyle thank you the state wants to hear from you about a major. Project that will impact thousands of drivers that. Department of transportation is planning construction on I four sixty five between I seventy and I sixty five on the south west side in dot will give an overview of. The project and answer questions, on September fifth at university of. Indianapolis that meeting starts at, five thirty he isn't losing his job but he'll be on the sidelines. For, the start of the season up next the punishment for one of the,.

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