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Terrible offense of line not much around him a team that justifiably won only three games. I think it's as you said other rookie quarterback's have have compiled bad statistics in their first your ally. Manning was bad as a rookie. I think it's just hard to hold anything that happened in Arizona last year against Josh Rosen. I think I think he's wherever he lands in two thousand nineteen it's a clean slate. Start over for Rosen. Yep. Absolutely. And that's I think that's one of those things that it's hard for people to understand that sometimes. And they they don't realize that this is this is a game that does require a lot of surrounding talent to help in a lot and inactivation period. And if your offense of lot if you're often of head coach didn't really have a game plan until preseason because he literally said, we're going to wait and see what people do well and don't do well to to build a scheme around that. It sounds good on the surface. But it didn't work out in execution because what you ended up with was an overly dense disorganized mass. And that's not helpful when you're trying you know with quarterbacking. You can't think you have to react to what you see. There's all these layers of information that you have to understand along with applying your technique. Well, which is your technique is something that has to be kept up with the way that -sition keeps up with their technique on a daily basis and. If you're having to over think basic things basically information that you've already spent years practicing, and you're having to focus on those types of things. Because of the fact that the offense is making you slowdown and over thank things you're in trouble. You're in trouble. I've always joked around that Jared Goff having to learn the learned the.

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