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Is len walter energy shares drop his oil falls about one percent at the open the dow up twenty one nasdaq up two and the sp better by two it's eight thirty bs news updates presummit posturing in singapore where less than twelve hours from now a first ever meeting between the leaders of north korea and the united states president trump recognizes chairman kim's desire for security and is prepared to ensure that north korea free of weapons of mass destruction is also a secure north korea that secretary state mike pompeo amid of sense of optimism their experts on north korea like robert kelly issuing a caution thing make a deal tomorrow right and you gotta get you gotta verify which means you got to send people in the north korea and that's going to be a huge hassle getting foreign inspectors in there japan is nearby some japanese are in singapore observing cbs's lucy craft reporting on them from tokyo observers are on the ground in singapore but tokyo set has no plans to reach out to north korea until after the summit ends japan could provide substantial economic aid to impoverished north korea if issues like the abduction of japanese nationals can be resolved cbs news update i'm jim taylor wbz news time eight thirty two wisconsin's governor scott walker is weighing in in on a possible trade war between the us and its allies including canada he says his state and the entire mid west would take a hit if it goes the ultimate linked absolutely would not only on agriculture about manufacturing other is again i'm still optimus my hope would be that we push towards a point where there's a greater balance between the united states and other countries and if we get that again our farmers and our manufacturers compete with anyone walker made the comment at the annual flag day parade in the small town of waka last night's tony awards in new york had a distinct chicago flavor and the tony award goes to the band's visit veteran chicago director david cromer won the tony for the band's visit as announced on the cbs broadcast it's his first tony after winning much acclaim in many awards during his long run in chicago theatre crummer grew up in skokie won a macarthur genius grant in two thousand ten he taught acting and directing at columbia college.

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