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That all I could be was supremely grateful to be alive in this moment. Right now appreciating the wonder and the beauty of our planet and. I think that's one of the things that I try to tell people all the time that we have to keep reminding ourselves what we're fighting for and it is this beautiful planet so that's just kind of one story that happened again and again again in different ways of life. Just being completely gobsmacked in awestruck about you know the wonder and the beauty of our very planet. I checked your Tadic stole. I think it was in San Diego when you start with meeting your neighbor that has this climate anxiety and I like the message that you transmitted towards the audience throughout the talk. I would wrap it up as you know. Whether Research Res-q the reason opportunity. And now I kind of bump into the same here. The same yes. It's climate change. Yes it's bad but it's also you know it also reminds us why we're here and what we're fighting for sticking of climate change win. Do you think we started to have you as a science communicator. You know that land which is very powerful tool and it's important to choose words properly at which point of time we started to speak not of the climate change but rather of climate crisis shore It's village absolutely while I was just ask the same question to two days ago so I think it's an excellent question. The climate crisis isn't new. It's always been a climate crisis but this is what's happened in the past. You had both from journalism side and from the science side people who spent their decades in their career being focused on their research so that was their focus. And then you know. The deniers really have a lot of free time. Because they're not really doing any research to just kinda come up with these catchy phrases and framing and it's only been recently that science communicators have really put themselves forward with enough knowledge and background. Information to understand how to communicate. What's happening better than they have in the past so the climate it's always been a climate crisis. What's new is that? The communication side has been better at framing. What's been happening this whole time? Show you agreed to climate crisis. Not just a climate change. Sure it's a climate crisis. It's the climate emergency absolutely especially the longer we wait to take action speaking of actions the research research going on especially your now based in a city nickel for here emirate. So yeah this research. The epicenter of research of the opposite of climate deniers. So people were to doing something for what climate scientists Earth scientists not just Pasadena but certainly in DC in across Europe there's climate researchers scientists in Pennsylvania all over the world that we connect we share data stories but how about those ordinary citizens. That are like me seat in home doing some some work working in any other sectors other than research. What can they do if they experience climate anxiety? Just like your neighbor from the talk and they're running around. I don't know what to do. How can I be helpful? What kind of advice could you give to them? Let's starts out where we have to know as citizens as people who live here on planet are together riot global community that we can't sit around helplessly waiting for scientists to come save us and now's the time for all of us to really start to ignite our own inner science park and the inner science park is something like if you're born as a human right so all humans have this innate curiosity so if you are curious about the world around you if you want to understand how the world works that science right so maybe not. Everybody is interested in having profession as a scientist or being science researcher. But that doesn't mean we can't own our inner science spark and understand the world around us using critical thinking and logic so the first thing to do is if you're sitting there thinking this this was probably the number one thing that I heard when I told people are people found out that I worked at NASA. They were like Oh while I used to love science when I was a kid or I'm not a scientist. I'm not a math person. I'm not a science person so the first thing that you can do that everybody should do that. Everybody needs to do is to reframe are thinking about who we are and what we can be so reclaim yourself as a scientist right. Even if you're not having a job as a scientist you are a scientist to few seek to understand the world around you using critical thinking so that's number one and then once you kind of claim that we all get to participate in the important conversations that are happening right now in our communities about what to do about these things so for example I've joined a number of environmental groups. So that's everything from the by nothing project to local community environmental groups. I gotTa Position My City Council on the Sustainability Commission. I'm in gardening groups and zero waste groups and I did a waste warriors project so those are all things that are in my community and they're all things that bring me joy because I think one of the you know you mentioned earlier that I really strongly believed that every challenge is. Actually you know disguised as an opportunity or every opportunity. Disguises a challenge really. They're they're kind of both the same and one of the things that I so much that it's true about America is that were conditioned to believe that more and more material stoff is GonNa make us happy and it's just not true especially now around the holidays you see like this you know push consumerism more more. More people live in these big houses in their isolated and alone and Brindley brings people. True Joy is interacting in community. And so all these things that I've really started because I wanted to work in my own community to fight against the problems of the climate crisis have actually ended up bringing me huge amounts of joy being able to know so many of my neighbors and my girlfriend comes over literally who who lives near me and we both do composting and she brought some worms and some chicken coup and we dug into the ground around my fruit trees and of all the material possessions that I wanted most in the world. It was worms chicken Pu. Who's that was? What breaks brought me the most joy to see my gardens flourish as to have relationships with Strong Women Mile Community? I'm on my way this year. Actually in January I started the zero waste experiment in a own apartment and I'm common. I'm common to that. Organic compost in worms point into. Yeah so composting is so easy. It's just one of those things you know. Everybody has to take in addition to joining all these communities. Everybody has to take responsibility for their own behavior. And composting is one of those things where you know maybe you think. Oh what I have to learn something. I'm gonNA study something that's going to be hard and it's literally the easiest thing you can do. Food waste makes up about a quarter of what ends up in the land on. It's completely unnecessary. Because those trucks that carry the trash to the landfill so about a quarter of what ends up in the garbage truck goes to the landfill is food waste and remember those garbage trucks. They're not fuel efficient. They're very energy consumptive and so once food waste gets to the landfill. It doesn't break down the same breaks down in your compost digested by worms. It gets so compressed. There's it's not aerated. Properly so it turns into methane gas which is even more toxic for the environment. So the simple task of composting. That's whether you have a yard or whether you do like worm. Composting in an apartment can really decrease a lot of the greenhouse gases. And on top of it you get all this really healthy nutrient rich soil. We are now speaking of the household little actions but in the global scene how effective are composed in turn in two zero waste compared to what responsible for sure. Well I mean first of all I just WanNa say that little actions aren't little and all of those seemingly small drops add up so we don't want to belittle or undermine in any of those small actions there are seven billion people on planet earth or more than that so. If everybody did their share it could make a huge difference. So let's not do that but yeah it's going to take everybody and I think corporate change is made because the consumers demanded I was just working on a project remember. I said I'm all in about in community so I was working on zero waste piece in. We worked to do a campaign called cut out cutlery and it was asking those food.

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