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I don't know susan ct bothered me i am laker and were volos crime is she said have pars cut out or cut down cd was there was him but the he did the mad them a lie but have you'll see most you'll see lament you like we at last days together look like to say and i covered cut me down out movie and hats kevin though too because he can't do math number wind because just because most of her seen with him doesn't mean at most a his scenes will with her like he did have cut silvester stallone out of the movie to like right labatt so he fell you know some kind way at a rule it is my god ms hedh uh the towel nerdy kareem abduljabbar looking do came over lie a either covering ugly you come back to the table na na to tell the i i'm states i gotta go a distant like seek acting like i'm just so out of it they did show like i hazy light after he start they can abidi clearly had anxiety about the etc movie uh and then they cut that so they feel so well the hayes of like you could tell like you that much time i pass you didn't know like you knew that conversation for him ended this legacy you'll y yeah they could our maasais out armenia either cut you down i don't know he to him will just lie boom none of this is based show her walking off they also address conversation an old buddy comes at the heavy just turns around like what what what like who are you what is going on now he goes how to his hotel room with the twenty seven bottles alcohol yao and they cut to him later and he is like dolan likes it.

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