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Thousands of students in chicago. Still don't know if they'll be heading to the classroom tomorrow last night. A joint statement was issued by the mayor and the ceo of chicago public schools. They say negotiations on a comprehensive agreement to reopen schools. Continue senate republican rand. Paul believes it's critical. That students get back to in person. Learning there's already talk of increased numbers of suicide isolation but most parents just aren't capable of teaching some extraordinary teachers but a lot of parents are teachers. Unions have argued they need more assurances about karadzic virus safety and vaccines schools in israel remain closed but six weeks of lockdown virus restrictions are starting to ease their some businesses reopen today and can now travel more than half a mile from their homes. It's game day in tampa florida where to nfl. Quarterbacks will be the ones to watch much of the hype leading up to tonight's super bowl. Showdown has surrounded patrick mahomes of the kansas city chiefs and tom brady of the tampa. Bay buccaneers brady at age. Forty three set to be the oldest player to ever compete in the super bowl. Qb looking for his seventh career ring and his tenth appearance all time in the big game. Whole time it's been really hardcore. Prep and now we ultimately have to be confident will doing and go out there and get the job done meantime. Patrick mahomes is looking to join brady as the only other quarterback to win two super bowls in his first four seasons. That's a huge deal and we're really not taking day for granted. Prepare ourselves to be the best that we can be kickoff for the buccaneers and chiefs in super bowl. Fifty five coming up at six thirty pm. Eastern matt napolitano fox news a bunch of former. Nfl stores or heading to the pro football hall of fame. Headlining the class of twenty. Twenty one is quarterback peyton manning some of the other players selected include defensive back charles woodson receiver calvin johnson andrew pearson and safety john lynch. I'm pam detailed and this is fox news. If you're using other than indeed for your hiring you are wasting your time. Hire great people faster with indeed only pay for results and get back time in your schedule. Indeed dot com is the hiring site that helps you find quality candidates with indeed instant match indeed searchers through millions of resumes in their database. To help show you great candidates instantly so you can do the part. You really need faster meeting and hiring great people. Unlike some hiring sites indeed gives you full control and payment flexibility delivering a quality shortlist faster with indeed. There are no long term contracts. You can pause recounted anytime and you only pay for what you need with instant match. Ucla list of great candidates with zero weight and indeed delivers four times. More hires than all other job sites combined. According to talent nest get started right now with a free seventy five dollars. Credit to upgrade your job posted indeed dot com slash fox. Get a free seventy five dollars. Credit at indeed dot com slash fox indeed dot com slash fox offer valid through march thirty first terms and conditions. Apply this is mario andretti. You.

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