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I may only win welcome to classics for kids today. A lot of women write music, but in the past it was much harder for women to have any kind of career including composing. Seventeenth century Italian composer, franchesca Pechiney lived in Florence her. Father was a singer and court composer for the powerful Medici family and Francesca grew up to become the meta cheese highest paid musician. Around the same time in Venice singer and composer, barb butter us throaty published more music for the boys than anyone else in her day. Lisa Kluge, cayden GAM was the first woman in France to write an opera she was a musician in the court of king Louis the fourteenth starting when she was five. He took a long time for the Paris conservatory to allow women to study composition there. So Louise rank had to take private composition lessons. She wound up being the first female, professor of piano at the conservatory, and she taught them into paying her as much as they paid the male professors. Say see Shami nod was the first woman composer to be awarded the legion Dono the highest honor given by the French government. And Chaman fair was the only woman in the famous group of French composers known as they cease the six. In germany. There was a woman composer who was born over nine hundred years ago. Hildegard fun being was none who wrote poetry books about religion and medicine and music. Around the time of Haydn and Mozart and Austrian composer named Marianna Martinez. Had her music performed all over Europe. Vinnie Mendelssohn and her younger brother Felix both studied music Felix was the more famous mental but fanny composed over four hundred pieces. Amy beach was one of the first Americans to study music in the United States rather than Europe. And she was the first American woman to compose and publish a symphony. When the Chicago Symphony Orchestra played Florence prices symphony in e minor in nineteen thirty three. It was the first time on major American orchestra performed a piece by an African American woman. And there was even a Royal woman composer Lili kalani the last Queen of Hawaii played several instruments one of them the ukulele which looks like a tiny four string guitar. She wrote a lot of songs, including Aloha Hawaiian for goodbye to you. Those are some of the famous women composers from the past next time on classics for kids. Some from the twenty first century. I'm Naomi Lewin. I write classics for kids and produce it for WG UC Cincinnati, please join me next time for more classics for kids.

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