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Jane did a great job to me longer and has a different. It's not even the punisher. It's like the punisher. There's a big oak caveat. So when you watch it you're not going on Elektra punisher movie, you're like watch dolph Lundgren punisher. It's fun with the caveat. Yeah. So then after that we had the two thousand four film, the punisher starring Thomas, Jane as Frank castle, John Travolta as Howard sane who has money launder who ordered the death of castles entire family. It has a glowing twenty nine percent on rotten tomatoes. But Roger Ebert. He gave the film to star saying the punisher is so grim and cheerless. You wonder if if it's hero gets any satisfaction from his accomplishments. Now, this movie is fantastic. I really people crap on this movie. I own it on the big fan. Think Thomas Jane, really figured out who the punisher was. I liked Tom. Jane is an actor it stars at Rebecca romaine as a supporting role who's great in this and people just think of hers mystique. No, no, she's great and punisher and Ben foster is one of my favorite actors in the game. Ben foster in the last ten years getting all this critical appeal, but Ben foster is in the punisher, and he plays this crazy like touted and pierced method and he's like. Jesse pink pin? It's fantastic for real and movies. Got a great supporting cast you identify with the supporting cast in a way that you don't expect. Because when you re watch the punisher you need to have the humanity to make the character work. That's what longer didn't have because his humanity. Was that crazy rhyming guy? Whereas you've got Rebecca remain. You've got been foster you believe in what he's fighting for. And that's what makes the character. Go from men to good is there has to be an island. There has to be a perspective. You can see. So I really liked the Tom Jane one because it gave us that for the first time I've been nice, and then we had the two thousand eight the punisher war zone. Everyone else. Pretty much says is the good. Yes. A lot of people love it. Starring Ray Stevenson as punisher extracted by my friend. Lexi Alexander, who is awesome. And I feel like she. I don't know. She's a good follow on Twitter follow her. She speaks up quite a bit and really puts people in their place. And I think that she was a perfect person to do a punisher film. Also, she's she's also directed a lot of other comic book TV shows, some of the ones that I think are in the CW. So yeah. But she also does hand to hand combat which you can see her tweeting about constantly. She's amazing. This film is a reboot..

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