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Interests and i think it's good to kind of diversify inspired out. It keeps me involved in in different aspects of aviation and aerospace and it keeps life interesting for me. You find yourself doing flight reviews during the pandemic to keep ends meet. Make ends meet No haven't gotten that far yet but maybe next pandemic. I'll be doing that. That's great sean. Anything you want to tell us about or anything you want people to know other than how to get a hold of you or or the products. Is there anything we should be talking about that. I didn't think of. I'm just want to say if you have any suggestions or anything else you want to be worked on. We take a lot of customer feedback and we're constantly improving the product. So the whole reason. I got involved with electron electrononics buildings tracks receivers as i want this to be accessible to everybody and i want stuff that is not going to expire when the battery dies and you have to buy new products every single piece of equipment that is on our aid. Espn receivers is sold on amazon. So you can fix the antenna you can replace the battery. Everything and i want this the last four years. So if you have suggestions for improvement or something else you wanna see made You can neither contribute to the open source. Offer project or give us suggestions for harbor improvements and we'll try and develop something for you. That's great you know Community is a theme that we cover often in the airplane. Geeks podcast and There are places to find or create communities throughout aviation and so this is just another example of of using a community and being part of community to improve the whole community. So i think that's really cool so if you're out there and you wanna be part of a gadgetry of maker community and you want to blend the maker community with the aviation community Getting involved in some of these open source aviation products. Sounds like a really great way to go. Yeah absolutely a lot of the innovation that we've had as ben from community contribution one of the developers right now is out of germany and he's actually taken straps imported that over to farm so that's kind of the protocol that they use over in europe and so the glider pilots generalization pilots over in europe are now using a strategy receiver that can receive farm information. So the community's been huge. It's what keeps project going and it's allowed us to have so many different use cases. That's great sean. So could you tell us how people can find you. I guess your website or other places that you're on the internet. yeah absolutely. You can find criag. Electron ix on. Www dr dog electronics dot com on facebook. Youtube instagram twitter. And if you want to get involved with a project strategy dot com and all the development happens on the slack channel and also very active on reddit slash our strikes so if you cannot figure all that out yourself just come to oshkosh next year. And fine sean. In one of the hangars absolutely we're in hangers see this year will probably be in hangers. See again next year. And if you're at the event this year will be giving a live demo tomorrow one pm at the forums. it'll be a strategy user group. Meet up at two thirty so all of us have been talking with each other on the internet can actually meet face to face and see there. Were real human beings. Well by the time anybody here is. I don't think that it will be an option but keep in mind for next time here at our venture to a look for sean in the forms and get involved with the community by being here in person again. Thanks so much. For being with sean and hope you continue to have a great. The show's going good for your so far. Absolutely we've had a lot of traffic and you know. I think it was a rough year for everyone last year. And it just so good to be out here and me personally i most. I only do sales online. So this is the one time every year. I get to meet customers. They tell me about how they're using the product and it kind of reinvigorates me and gives me a lot of energy. And i'm elated to be here. That's the perfect and thanks so much on and have continued to have a great show. Thanks for having me. It'll be interesting to see how that evolves since today Was monday today There was an announcement that raytheon bought Flight aware so Of course flight aware is the is the law. I believe they are the largest network of independent eighty espy receivers anywhere in the world. And so will that mean more business for people. That by sean stuff or or less or all the same. I don't know we'll see what happens because raytheon certainly a eight hundred pound gorilla and That is currently yet we seen. But we'll we'll see what happens over the next few months and friend of the show isaac alexander. Who's on twitter. As jet city star sent me that announcement earlier in the day as well and it's collins division of raytheon which purchasing flight aware flight where. I was surprised now has one hundred and thirty employees. But they've been around for at least ten years that i recall so they've built up a lot of business. I think most of us think of them as the free place where we can go out to track individual flights but of course they have a lot of paid services for companies Both airlines and fbi does Which are servicing aircraft landing at various small generally aviation airports and so they've got a lot of business that's just not You know readily apparent to those of us who use it as individual consumers. Just pull this up really quickly. I don't offhand. See anything about what collins aerospace paid for flight aware. That would be interesting while but it was a significant amount. I bet it was a i bet. Some people are easily going to retire now. I'm sure fascinating. So thanks so l. for for doing that i think that's the last interview that hill recorded at sunan fund. We do have some oshkosh. I mean yeah oshkosh. Sorry well you know why because oshkosh has been over for almost a month. I know but we know that. No i'm kidding. I'm not a material here. We have some more from brian and michael to coming up. So can look forward to that. One Email from listener that we wanted to mention from gabe. Gabe sent us a link to an article. Team pilot aims to be youngest woman ever to fly solo around the world. And this is our rutherford whose nineteen who left belgium on august eighteenth and she's Looking to cover thirty two thousand miles over fifty two countries five continents and She hopes to finish up her journey back in belgium on around november third so This is pretty cool. it's I guess a way to raise awareness About the lack of women in aviation and also stem In in that sort of thing and she's doing it in a shark that's right in a shark ultralight. Yeah one of our favorite airplanes. So that is very cool. There is a A.

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