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We got cold air over the Arctic and warmer air across the lower latitude, so the mid-latitudes including the entire United States. That's the typical setup for the polar vortex. Is this one typical? Or is this really strong has. I mean, the temperatures the wind chill that we're seeing with this is kind of nuts. Right. So this is unusual. So. Happens. So we right at the beginning of January the polar vortex got disrupted it split into two pieces. So it was it was like a dam bursting. So the cold I explained was kind of encapsulated inside the poll VAR now spilled out goes out to low latitude getting air normally on the Arctic is now invading the United States another analogy as some people have used as like thinking about it. The refrigerator in your in your kitchen. So normally the refrigerator door shut the cold air is inside the refrigerator, it's much warmer outside the refrigerator in the kitchen refrigerator door swings. Open the cold air that's in their 'fridgerator. Leaser frigerator scape? It out to the kitchen and the warm air. That's in the kitchen will go inside the refrigerated. So we had that kind of. Something similar now is to that happened with the polar vortex where it broke apart into pieces. And so normally when you know, the cold air is confined to the Arctic or the cold air inside the refrigerator. That aren't door. All right. So let's let's let's turn out to what connection if any this might have to global warming warming, the president of the United States as I'm sure you know, this morning sent out a tweet about the polar vortex. And at the end of the tweet he said, and I'm quoting now from President Trump's tweet he says what the hell is going on with global warming. Please come back fast. We need you. So. Yeah. So, you know, I I don't think what's happening with the polar vortex is inconsistent with climate change. Because. Climate change is not consistent. It's not the same everywhere. But actually, it's been preferentially.