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A lot of reaction from yesterday Kevin Harlan from CBS they're great announcer was on I had fritzy do his Kevin Harlan impersonation with a couple of football calls and that was a lot of fun. Kevin. Had A great time there. Todd, you did you did a pretty good Kevin Harlan impersonation. Awesome that we sent them the script of a couple of calls and he was a good sport to play along like then. Very cool. Can we play a little bit of that? Do we have the final call between Todd Fritz and Kevin Harlan? Final round here to decide the Kevin Harlan game if you're just joining. US Patrick Mahomes as added once again, the chiefs trailed by twenty one point now, they're down just four with under a minute ago. The single setback Hilaire mahomes rolls back. He's got Travis Kelsey in the back corner both. Touchdown Kansas City. Wow, that was a great call cab. That call. Here's the final call. Here if you're just joining us that it again, she's trail by twenty. Now they're down just four with under a minute to go the single back. Is Edwards e layer all enrolls right? He's got calcium back corner pulsating touchdown that she's have scored. You had Sunday enthusiasm and Kevin Harlan did not what happened. There was the broadcaster for the team play against the chiefs that he had the Thursday enthusiasm you had game day enthusiasm and you sounded more like Kevin Harlan than Kevin Harlan. Yes. He says more like Kevin was calling Thursday game. Yeah. Does it usually a bad exciting not as exciting and last night was not too exciting either the dolphins beat up the Jaguars. PAC twelve mountain west or get to play this fall the mid American conference decide either today or tomorrow Lakers up three one, they go for these series clinching. Win on Saturday. and. The NBA, finals Miami Heat. Try to put away the Boston Celtics tonight up three games to one as well. We welcome those in or watching on peacock. You can download the APP and you can watch for free all three hours and our radio affiliates around.

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