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It be at Saint. John's strange I like I said before punch in the thanks for if asked now and we saw saying as well where are two rivals become you become your. I will so who knows uh teddy happened. Twenty years of age challenged challenged allegations Wallstrom. Is She too young or would you be to hungry. Maybe she's she looks good. She looks apart she came down to impart. She was Portland. All Go Boxing Extravaganza We report courtesy of Amy Andrews Loss Xavier Elite Champion and she came bench decent pads. Hoover coach Love Young Lady. She's about she says ah bit pads over here hauled Very aggressive and you know what she just said they really rings. Treat your should become your rivals you you know. And a roof is boxed. He's idle for the the world lot. Whatever like what we're talking about seventeen hundred seventeen now the man that will never happen again and be beaten outside? So what's going to happen as we sit here rookie. Monsanto beaten. Joseph J WILCO The Joe Louis Robert. Sorry so Yeah I think she thinks she's ready for Steffi. He knows he's business does he really does business. He wanted to put renewing this evening. She can win it. Or what have you seen much terry happen. I've seen above in very impressed by some people saying she too young. Maybe even maybe too old. It's just how good is is one point was one completely of appoint You step up and in Fema box in this. 'cause there's not much depth you kind of going from one level to the in betweens you take that jump and as a gamble. So that's why you have to get the most best valuable sparring and you can try and fill that gap in between sparring drew. You the failed. Don't ask Gaels or would you have to find you have to fill that gap can feel it. Gills is it young up and coming amateur gills or is it so we have a mixture spinal spa this week. Does the scrutiny had a go From Germany. So we've we've just got that last camp Dan Lewis boy with amateurs because he's working on my hands bane so if that is the best thing if I'm working on power away spargo's heavier heavier may my feet off cause I'm going to be naturally quick. 'cause lots in my head to get on my feet but bodmin elements it can be good spun chemical desperate with on the squad. This don't feel the pressure that that is that they all because there's not massive among the women fighting enjoyed as well that you have to go from a certain level up to five levels with the massive void in between free. Yeah it's GonNa be jumped when we do take boy we get in valuable spawning now and trying to learn as much and you know. I'm sure Tom connecting bring spun. And it's GonNa be button me but that's where you learn the most and that's what you do need to the you know what no go. Step up fun actually gave because on the via and if I'm GONNA the jump river the mindset going into win monster event especially inciting every stage you'll of at every stage of ramage create bashed in August passed up i. I'm George Cruden. ABC Then joined Fisher logical. Go bashed up by PORCO. PD draper then. Adjourn ripped apart bashed up our great young international courier road and you know that are going pro my first pro. I pro sparring partner was ex European champion Ken McKenzie kency brothers. So every level you get patched up but you come back you just learn spotlight spotlight. It's amazing it is until the journey of books in you man you're at is just not I am I do and you just think just all. I did almost untouched from the boxing business. You just you just do. If the love of the sport bulletin think every little thing revolved around boxing. I Love Boxing. Income families should like for. Why finally listening? Ah because you come into the family now. The next day I'm going to be going out walking I wanna rest Malek's Ah because it's not if you lose a match so what you don't gain points and you've got people to rely on Boxes Bul you can. You can lose your life. Box went on. You know they'll take an acceptable level. If she wins she she wants to. Katie Taylor locate. He's a few weeks above Do you see that happening realistically. Not Purely. Because of where they are. I think by the time the Terry's AH overby retired or should be probably are way above cushy one over something that shocked me was when Terry boxed on the same quarters Taytay last year she went to school for and listen. That's how I do Mazen. I personally if that was potentially there was one. Send me for Annapolis. And when he couldn't give him that much with men because I've been Mark Conway onus be some sort of element they when you thinking can we also couldn't couldn't tell you how she she she wins no eh. Women's boxing needs to be changed dramatically from from but I was boxing. It's been huge. Massive sellers forward but what will the Tasha Jonas against domestic shopping. They can both date Nagoya. Uh Aggressive. Come forward I'll be very both lovely women who's well I mean. They both came to say that. Yeah because they shantelle came and they both came to the old all day and they stayed all day and I can say certain certain celebrities. That wouldn't do that. They wouldn't give Rideau. There's so many young young women that were there it's it's it looked up to them and they stay there and they took pictures an ounce of questions uneasily gills. Nick Stars Dump Dumbo Jumbo's. Go leave for Lanny. Yeah and these skills are going to be exception. But then the next generation at Luke op these gills and these gills they're fulfilling their remits uh-huh and some because one they can find and given their time. We never had that not lock out of many books and there's not that many any great role models for young girls now. There is an instagram failures. Tashin things you can just take two one hour the day that one hour who may not ensue can mean the weld that go enough so far efforts eight does go long way and traffic the efforts thank you guys for the effort. I saw Joe Getty Show Gac we can. We can go though mentioned you big win for Gay Guy. Dion Juma on on Sunday of the big windy high for the eliminate the for the British Gaddi fist. There my life all of add some great tons we booth professionally a great tons and Kathy Brown on one I. She's my she's Britain's first British flyweight champion. Were meant to deal. And we've seen that guy go through with the injuries healthy if he lost two years of his career and I know that there's a lot of people that don't that wanted to avoid him and now they call avoid him because he's now mandatory challenger for the British cruiserweight title and he's relevant. We've had we've had a year off people going on podcast insane on well who's dealing for. WHO's the on for win? Lawsuit Vice is not the Camacho not the same. What he is not to my ex champion and he's now being Sam hide on some high its own turf on Joe Gallagher? Show which I have. I have to say Joe gotta go was the gentleman is with me the whole crew takes you find. He did not on a C.. Joe was nothing gentleman he told us how much these five minutes him having Alfie mentions because he thought he said deals fans still got an coach. The deals fans in London when he camacho. He said I didn't WanNa take that Johnson bring an Sam down but Sam was a warrior in and out ring. He was a gentleman we now renamed came to he. Came Round to see afterwards We had a chat and you can see all on Youtube. It was It was what boxing's about those two. The off to his off the passion allow one another and it was a bit of a wall was from rounds. Nine to twelve Dion Hattab those rounds and told him that that's interesting Christine eliminated. Ag Tim Reynolds Twelve rounds. Because it's those that arose baby. Those are the rules and and I remember thinking is I five of my own world coach. Somebody for twelve rounds at the end of the eight ramping. He's got another four ounce got game. Fruit is fun to wrong. Extra takes effect mentally around about eight. Nine 'cause you new year get it wrong. Data you'll find this and you'll go or whatever it is to go and you can get that adrenaline push to put yourself through when you know you see such so many. Have a hard fight and you still all the fall on you. You didn't do it. And that every round and that fight they each of a halt to the head all the it was just a case of punching recovering. Punted might make a miss. I mean not saying that he was a slugfest they did make Java and say we've all Jewish bet to Sam deals head movement is a bit better and it needed to be because Sam was fired. Up Yet that crowd they're uh-huh ringside they was antiquarians Corner News. Liam Smith had the whole Brigade Jones. Whom we'll go to all you love ahead Shannon Excel? It is and you know it's such a day was at the start the season. He's he's he deserves to be able to pick show. Joe Says well say that all you guys if you talk you got four minutes. Put that on my aides. The cruiserweight divisions five years so far is great fun. Gotcha nations mentioned nine and says in fact she's gone to Gatty and thank you for listening and we'll see you all next week..

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