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Early. Two thousand and four and one of the two or three greatest cybercriminals to ever walked the planet. Albert gonzalez is on the payroll of the united states. Secret service and not just working for them thriving with them for months sometimes. All day and night he works alongside bonafide agents out of a satellite office in army repair garage in jersey city and those agents actually like him one prosecutor later told the new york times quote. It was kind of a bonding experience. He and the agents developed over time a very close bond the worked well together and quote they even gave him a nickname soup playoff his online persona soup. Nazi and albert is teaching them all kinds of new things. It's like when he was fourteen and the fbi b. i. Visited to figure out how kid who only just reach puberty managed to hack into ness. Remember what happened an agent to albert into a room the set there for an entire afternoon and by the time they came out. It was the agent not the child who has left these. This kid is amazing. Albert's lawyer recalled the man saying he's running circles around me now at twenty. Three albert is winning circles around the secret service. The prosecutor how quote spending this much time. We've an informant this deeply into cybercrime conspiracy. It was a totally new experience for all of us. And by springtime the service trusted albert enough to make him the fulcrum for the biggest ever cyber operation. It's ironic actually that there were about to use one of history's greatest cybercriminals to attempt the most ambitious sting in the history of cybercrime today. Albert is an administrator on the on the shadow crusade and he actually begins to climb even further within their ranks as he at the same time that he's working with the secret service that's sherry davidoff. Ceo of ellen be security and author of the book data breaches. You might have assumed that once he went clean. Albert left the cyber underground for good but the service had him do the exact opposite stay active become more embedded in the community. It was all part of the plan. The other thing to understand about this time. Is that the dark web doesn't exist. And that means that as all these hackers are visiting shattered crew and buying and selling credit card numbers. This is all on the normal internet. The web domain for show crew is www dot schiro crewe dot com as simple to type into your browser as google dot com. That means all this. Cyber crime is hiding in plain sight shadow. Crew users are in real need of more reliable ways to cover up what they're doing one way you can hide yourself on the open. Web is via virtual private network or vpn if he began is basically a remote computer that functions as a proxy for all your data transfers as an analogy say. I wanted to send a letter to been all our sound designer to tell him. I really love music. He adds two episodes. But i don't want him to know that i wrote a letter since he might ask for a raise. So i write deal been all. I really love your music and i played the note in an envelope but i don't send a letter to been all i send it to nate our producer. Instead mate then takes the letter removes the original envelope that had my name and address on it and replaces it with new envelope with his name and address is then sends it over to. Oh who gets the note. Wow gee thanks and sends. The note came from nate. And not me. He has no idea that. I'm the true originator of the letter. I recognize rans handwriting everywhere. He probably doesn't want me to ask for a raise. Such a cheapskate. Jeez vpn's work in a similar fashion. You establish a secure encrypted connection to a remote server and tunnel all your browsing activity through that remote server so that your true identity is hidden there are ways to supersede. Vpn connections to figure out. Who's behind seddon internet activity but it is difficult so you can imagine how useful vpn would be for members of shadow crew. The secret service knew it so albert says to everybody. Hey i've set up a vpn service soup. Nazi starts promoting his own vpn. You i this quietly behind the scenes and he gets the shadow leadership onboard and then after a few months he starts offering it to the whole shadow crew community. Albert is a well respected member of the community. He's got crin eventually. The whole shadow crusade. It was moved onto servers. That the secret service could monitor. It's not like the members didn't realize the risk there were certainly times that members said hade jokingly there are certainly times that numbers jokingly said things like hey the secret service had a back door they could listen to everything.

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