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No osc the third question what is my purpose why do i do what i do how can i serve oaken express my unique skills and talents in the service of my fellow beings and finally us the question what am i grateful for when we practice gratitude just by asking that question in the sensations images feelings and thoughts that arise from the question this bunch in this deal opened the door to abundance consciousness what am i grateful for allowing any sensation image feeling or thought to spontaneously they come to you and now let's go a little deeper into the meditation by slowly deconstructing are notion or a story of who we are so mentally repeat to southfield full name so if i was doing it i would say i am deepak chopra just a few times mentally and now you could stop saying that but just bring into you're awareness all de experiences that are associated with that name that name that body that form so allow you're awareness to fill up with audio concerns all your buddies or your relationships good and bad audio deadlines everything that's happening in their life right now these experiences are associated with who you think you are right now i m b buck show pro i am john doe i m maybe smith yeah no maybe just drop your last name and repeat your first name i'm deepa i'm john i'm maybe i'm angela now bring into everywhere in this any memories did you have joy food memories happy memories the best moments life sifi can recall any moments of joy and wonder and playfulness especially from childhood allows sensations sations images feelings and thoughts from memories of a long time ago to come into you're aware nece and now you could drop you a name log together just say i am without any memory without inexperience without any form without any belief attached to it just i m i am and if you want you can replace d i am now with the montreal from a from a just a couple of minutes 'em when thoughts arise sensations arise images rice or feelings arise just go back to repeating the mantra m a m m.

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