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Defense secretary james mattis says he's encouraged by china's efforts to resolve the north korean nuclear issue his remarks echoed those of president trump has in pierce anthony cute reports from beijing speaking at regional security for in singapore mattis praised chinese efforts to cooperate with the us and others on north korea but he assailed chinese island building in the south china sea which he said shows china's disregard for international law its contempt for other nation jim chris in its efforts to dismiss nonadversarial resolution shen of issues mattis was asked whether the us pullout from international agreements on climate change and trade threaten to undermine the international order the us claims to be upholding madison plea replied that the trump administration has fresh approaches to these issues anthony cunene pr news beijing and you're listening to in pr news the new leader of ireland's biggest political party is set to become the country's first openly gay and biracial prime minister joe suffering reports from dublin 38yearold medical doctor li override car won his leadership contest friday on his way to become the youngest prime minister in irish history the the son of an indian immigrant announced he was gay in two thousand fifteen while campaigning for ireland's historic marriage equality referenda i think if my election as leader in a gale today as shown anything it is the prejudices no hold in this republic what he's been otherwise at odds with centrist and leftwing voters who criticise his conservative views on abortion and economic issues for npr news i'm joe suffering in dublin boulders malta also casting ballots today the parliamentary election there was called by the prime minister again here early he seeking to fend off corruption allegations saying that his wife and some of his associates the pop singer areana 'grande paid a visit today to some young fans who were injured in last month's bombing of her concert in manchester england she's leading a benefit concert which is set for tomorrow's seventeen people have been arrested in connection with the the bombing levin remain in police custody as part of the investigation and the commercial companies space access preparing to give it another shots face sachs planning to launch its first recycled cargo ship to the international space station early this evening yesterday's launch was scrubbed because of the weather on trial snyder this is npr news from washington support.

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