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Big fan. I can tell. Today. How old forty five it's still very lovely. Hopefully, she's still she's she's. Four more to me now that she was twenty years ago. Big fan. I come back tail just say, maybe she's sports fan. You never know. Would you like some water right now? I'm fine. I'm just saying I'm Kimmy fan. All right. Trading deadline not that far away. We'll get to that. But I'm more. You you sound like I forgot Roger I didn't forget I just don't want to know the answer to the question come out to pull looking how is the poll? Rosh will the polls looking great also Twitter. We put up a poll the morning show is taking a road trip to the AT L. That's why for the Super Bowl. Of course. The Rams would air. But the real question is where should ELS, Ian? I take Tra. Travis rodgers. So we have some choices. Yes. The first choice is up. Magic city BULLDOGS follies. And swing and Richards Dong. So far the leader the leader in the clubhouse is magic city. Magic city, right. Number two. People seem to like swing and Richard say say that's the spot to go to and then BULLDOGS that fourteen and follies is coming in last you say that I won't use the other one. One. Russia's poll is always brought to you by Buffalo Wild Wings. Wings. Beer sports. I yes, I know rush. So that's where we can take Travis..

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