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Action but without that there are other ways to try to fight this of course. Political organizing matters agitating for transparency. And you know it might mean that you know people are going to have to be vigilant over the next few years over trying to change. Who runs election boards. And how these things happen and that's not the ideal way to do it but we've got. We've got a fight with tools that we have. Thanks for joining me. I'd say it's been a pleasure. But it's been an important discussion for having me on tuesday afternoon. The democrats got that show of force. That rick was talking about all fifty democratic senators including west virginia. Joe manchin voted to open up debate over voting rights legislation but without ten republicans. The motion failed the senate. Republican minority has launched a partisan blockade of a pressing issue here in the united states. Senate initially no less fundamental than the right to vote. And that's the show. What next is produced by. Daniel hewitt mary wilson carmel. Dilshad davis land and elena schwartz. We are led by allison benedict unleashing. Montgomery and mary harris. You can go from twitter. I'm at mary's desk. In the meantime meet you back here tomorrow..

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