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Texas. They're urging members of Congress to pass to pass the national voting rights legislation known as the For the People Act. We have a crush on the five in Boyle Heights. This one was along the South bound side is just past fourth straight middle lanes have been blocked into later backing up overall, leaving the 1 34 Freeway in Griffith Park. Let's take a look at Upland KF Eye in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com It's Mike O'Brien and Angel triple spot finally cleared on the 10 as the westbound side of the tent approaching mountain. Looks like all the lanes are clear, so it's into recovery mode looks like on and off the brakes back towards the 15. Now there's another problem heading towards Monterey Park, actually, a little closer to So what is your area Looks like the 65 southbound little problem cleaning right around whether you're full of art That's heading to slowing now pretty much from Rose Hills down through the five E 60. You've got a little problem playing at Paramount. That's vote from East La Interchange and 1 34 eastbound transition to the south. Five. Watch out there talking about a large deer with antlers. They're off the right shoulder. Injured in an accident visit. Superwoman super lawyer dot com Mike O'Brien KF eye in the sky in Buena Park on the five northbound Just past urges before Beach Boulevard Crash Here's been moved into the center divider delays Getting away from auto Center Dr K. Hey, sky helps get you there fast. Angel Martinez this hour of the John and Ken Show is brought to you by a I s auto insurance specialists visit a I s insurance dot com Today another warm one. We'll talk about that next. Lyrics inspired by state farm. Surprisingly great rates, but my race like that great like that drive safe life that I saved like that straight up facts. Great grace like a good neighbor State farm. Is there new hot and iced sunrise batch coffee from Dunkin. Bright and balanced, full body blend broods so you can get summering from sunrise to sunset. And even after that, because that's when you can show off those string lights. You hung in the backyard or rehung. Enjoy a medium hot or iced sunrise. Batch. Coffee for $2.

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