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Wondered if she would assign that for me because it was close. I was that one. That was one of my great disappointments in life of And it was also an. I told you before the friend. Frank islanders lead singer the searches a set me up well. It wasn't as it wasn't set me out. Ready said look We were talking about meeting new alabama museum. He said i'll i was with dusty. They have not and would you like a date with salsa. That's exactly as soon as he said. I knew it's my favorite restaurant in the king in my friend was time with me was also chelsea apprentice religion stevenage in a houston style the In our prefab because my private by then and we. I remember this guy writes To come and pick me up and what happened. Was my mother foolishly. Now i said to my mother. As soon as she turns out not nine she was going to have his show be. Show the driven Can you tell it to come to the pop up the road which is only about a half a mile always have well take about two minutes in those days and She never signed up. And i wondered why my friend got on the fine. We may said she was absolutely it said. She came into the sea the nightclub. She was drunk and she said she's very upset. That you stood up. And i. I never stood up night. And then it dawned on may them up because he had a girlfriend Mom was being protective and didn't want me to go out of the satin algebra. I it was one of the great disappointments of my life because Who knows what my that. You know. because my friend told me the end she was she was desperate to have a baby Side that we could have had a little singing football awoken about And again. I mean. I'll see they're on a i've seen on tight with sinatra of and they might in and i mean she. That girl could sing as well. You know Another part of the collection must be one of the most iconic female british singers. Those yeah yeah she. She was quite i mean. I read a book as well as mayor. And i'll read brooke she She wasn't it didn't save and that was probably one of the reasons i wanted. I would love to take her out that night. And i she loves. She would've loved alexander. The restaurant is waylon. The the people the the the governor in there in the in the head while the ol- the white house friends who the mole was guy emmett. I would've had a bowl. in that. She would have had a boeing. She would give me summed up to five minutes because of this loved that kononov out and the fun that we used to have been then. So i'm certain if let's nothing would she would remember that for the rest of a lot because well we'd have ended up dan that night club bumping into franken eleven at an oven great now and they would have and and the thing. That always intrigues. Me is after the show you would have been token about something completely might've been on about something completely different in a instead. It's about my son being the couch of United states on the twenty eight. Saying i might have been talking about my oldest son number one in the child so being whatever he was he was. Maybe it might have been a little girl you know. And that's the soliloquy that's the change of of tone in reference in the song bang gone. It might be a girl. And then frank dot seeing a different way but we eat -absolutely raleigh. Stay and also we've were looking at in another y you motive recorded record. We do stay audience and the crooner's rather than blue is the colour thousand kicked today. The studio that was a that was further number as well. That was that was that was moaning off to a face. I'm ninety seventy. Two young island was bowman. Yeah yeah. I went out that night and with my best friend leslie my and finally chariman scenic who'd played acquaintance rangers also and the was part of the mancini family. That had that little promising. I mentioned earlier. We were out and we did what we wet. The baby said will we drowned my son and my god and that sal i got i met in this. We couldn't it was too early for the popular vote tinted paid supplies. We ordered a wielded. I think we we just the biz imo. Always white for white something happened. We carried over the days into the recoding sued feeling is another. I knows it that time. I mean i was just numb And we started drinking and all that off white for awfully wants on those goods. Set to me you've gone sit outside this on you know. And they put me with a with older. The fellas Mike and the music. And i actually. It was caught. It was quite funny. Because like that came out on an album. And the blue sakala and the dan six songs on a one-sided album and they let us go after them six songs and though the older fellas industry the did they have a six songs. I mean it was great. I mean 'cause he is itself as as a singer and he could sing east. I'm debbie chevy chase on that one and it was actually done a great great F- version of it really. Because he could sing. Saw me eight by bada was good. Everything wasn't a you know. He was Using nickel nickel. Maya every values to do he said he did i but he's he's a aside side loss to us absolutely but you with you probably the first roll of presenting. You did when you introduced us because there is a youtube clip. I'll do keep posts end up periodically and now as peter osgood championship shape. And then i'll start singing and roy. It's a brilliant rendition. As as i think he does a fantastic job on did a fantastic job because we didn't have any confidence wherever really didn't you know. I think i've told you before. That wins a.

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