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Give me a call the number here is tollfree eight five five six six zero foty to fix the one that we can work together to solve those problems so the bay thing we wanna think about for the vegetable gad is the condition the soil before you plan in eighty kind of organic matter is good and coming up at nine o'clock we're gonna talk about see we in held that can help you flow those of you that live near the coast it's free and it's a great sorrow conditioner jeff as good as putting hole may com post into the soil for those of you that live away from the ocean composting is the way the go so easy you don't need to by all these gadgets and and uh um products to make compost all you need is a piece of ground in eu pile near material or the ground and you try and put it layers so you would take grass clippings and you would put a pile ten inches twelve inches high and on top of that put some good soil the stakes from serbia god's sprinkler right on top of it the microbes that in your soil and you're adding it to the grass clippings and it will help the speed the breakdown process you can also by better fisher microbes and it's it's a it's a compost out or or compost maker please just sprinkle these beneficial microbes and they will help to rot shredded leaves pie deedles grass clippings dead plant material and within six months to a year this is like black goal that you put right back into the guide and it will help to feed the beneficial microbes it will help to feed your plant and retain moisture all kinds of benefits so we've got to start thinking about doing it we had a caller earlier that uh is measured that we need to plant more trees we've got get grasses down to help to slow down global warming now whether you believe when it or not it something this there when many many years ago i went through alaska of my furry first crews fanned we went into glacier bay which is one.

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