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Because i chose to go differently move differently i think different i know the opportunities out there like arkin agreed that a lot of people don't want to take them opportunity let's not work play the situation let's talk to susan monday show weekdays from nine one seven eleven am wd jansen show one one seven eleven am wb coming right up after delaware's top stories topped the are buster's last day fidelity it matt he's a guy who has such knowledge when there was this great big huge blackout there is a denial of service happen all gosh last year and millions of people could not get online so we jumped right on it here on on the program and wwl news matt came in explain exactly what happened how it happened why it happened and how come it's going to happen again no and we're all very grateful so then people called in about some problems they're having their own devices i remember we've had a business owner a small business owner called in on this show couldn't get office printer to network matt asked him what you're making model and made a suggestion which i will never remember the guy goes okay we said well let's know how it works out he goes okay fine and then sent an email to me actually immediately saying hey it worked that's so cool which is why we say you save the bench fee and you ask it matt's chris i do like to rip them a lot when he not able to to fix a problem can i kick how can i get my my usb port to accept an eight track okay maybe that one's a top so you could have just got on the phone five tonight one seven five two nine one zero one seven and you ask team at okay this text line which is also five to nine one one seven look up who runs twitter.

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