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Of course of course we we need to keep it in our borders and oregon with anybody wants to kill me and it's sick irna monitor or venezuela also recalled sanders walea i like it right that mr producer and we're going to give mark from livermore main they credit sanders well i like it all right bob long island new york the great wabc go mark on hearing on economist from the so called media regarding warming ocean regarding how epidemic warming causes of war you must be denier but go ahead eric sawyer eight alarmism becker hundred climate science after her cornell and atmosphere get the straight yuban an advance degree in atmospheric science from cornell so you a little bit more qualified than everybody else who comments on this on tv and radio go right ahead our political factor bought tickets but my point nary a lot about how a global warming is causing the oceans to war now that's causing all the store a garner so four shipu factor interactive the amateur neotia thirty five hundred times the the atmosphere was virtually meetings i wanted to agree thirty five hundred years of the ocean by degree so can we just down because of the massive density or the ocean as your point occur you're going to fish cortana klay you're rude feminine grave marker in a cup of water you'll see how much more quickly in the water does on the on the clay expert damage here but the point two five hundred years for the out pretty atmosphere ramming one degree to raise the ocean temperatures by a half to agree so kind of arithmetic one debatable one degree of warming of the atmosphere over the cap buttered years two years so basically you're blaming the romans i'm pointing out now you're basically blaming the romans after all that exhaust from those chariots pulled the methane from their horses well what what for the time day industrial revolution called an ira wonder of warming and the 100 years.

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