Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump, Justice Department discussed on C-SPAN


Don't have time to tell about why we don't have that right now but they need to do that i want to say one thing that ought number of these matters president trump is represented by the united states department of justice at taxpayer expense including on the emoluments clause cases and the three separate a by musk laws cases about far government monte coming to president trump is the by the by the united states department of justice they're very good lawyers over there they were not able to persuade some of the bus or of the country including kellyanne conway's husband george kawhi he wouldn't touch that says that civil division john richard you've the crew has sued over the weekend we have slow over the emoluments clause pastas and the two other losses but those have been defended by the justice department they have good lawyers over there there is some excellent lawyers who will not take jaws work for donald trump i wonder what good morning america civil division of the justice department or were there secca donald trump does have some financial resources we don't know what currency were much what i don't think he's probably ineligible to receive assistance may legally clinic at the universe so i eat i think that he has the resources to hire topflight lawyers and it i don't know who these clowns are over a number of things i don't understand about the mcl it in the mustache but anyway it's his business so he wants to hire but here's lawyered up a lot of her lawyer up this is the most welltodo a white house we've added decades and so i i don't really feel sorry for them in terms of their access to highquality legal services but some really good lawyers don't want to work for certain types of clients from zappa's ago tweet out something is exactly the opposite of what you just sat on their behalf twenty four hours earlier that's wire kellyanne conway hausas georgia me actually went out that sweater and a suppressor shooting herself in the foot so i think a lot of these problems he's may is brought on sale well it's for the next question will try to get as many speakers in question astor's as possible please so my name sam i just want to ask so it's a bit of a speculative question all of you so assuming that.

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