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Remains to be seen. But good first impression today at house holiday. I agree with you look at one of the positives from last year from a zoom out and look at their structure was the first time head coach who specialty is offense and he's wants to develop this very close relationship with the young quarterback. His time is going to be consumed by doing the offense of part of the work here. How great is it to have this accomplish defensive coordinator, you can basically just decided to give all control the defense to that guy. I think you have a similar situation with Chuck Pagano. Is you had with Vic Fangio, so the segue away from Vick who's fantastic had his job to Chuck Pagano? Who's also very good at his job. I mean, I'm not going to suggest to it's completely seamless. But it's it's about as seamless as it could be a lot of people say, well, how good was defense in in Indy. Visit along time defensive assistant coach or coordinator in Baltimore longtime defensive backs coach sort of reminds me of the rod mirror. Nellie dynamic. Now. Eat a longer run as head coach than Rodman Manelli dead in Detroit when he had that awful team. But look rod merely Nellie wasn't degrade head coach. And he's been a really good defensive coordinator coach for the bears in the now the Cowboys for long run is nice higher for them really doing. I think they again, I don't know that it will be a one hundred percents seamless. There will be expectations. The cupboard is full. There are great players on that side of the football expectations are there. But boy, it felt it felt smooth feels like a smooth transition before we get to JD I have two questions free on the George mccaskey interview. He was just inside our first mid West Bank studio. Do you believe again? Again, like, even though he said look Ryan pace, and and more specifically Matt Nagy just explained about a personal call with cream on a relationship that they've had. But again like no door was closed in this. Do you agree with that? Yeah. I think that as time as it was the NFL and other entities are dealing with this very difficult concept. I think people's opinions evolve as well. I thought what we heard from? Theo Epstein was very revealing when we talked to him last Friday, which you mentioned about the. Being the event at a safe place up north that the bears are very involved both hands on and financially. Yes. And the concept of second choices in every situation has to be looked at individually and a desire to want to become a better person and sincere contrition, and when you factor that all in. I don't think I guess the point of Meghan is is I don't think that the bears have my reputation was they don't have a hard and fast rule. No. If you we're not a if you have a domestic violence issue in your past, however, big or small, it is we just don't have a policy. We don't have a set policy. I guess that was my interpretation. We don't have a zero tolerance policy. Correct. Which would be a set policy. Yes. That will look at all of these situations. Individually to me, again, my preference, not telling you, you should feel or anyone else should feel. That's the that's the. Avenue that I go down as well that you look at all these things individually, you talked to all of the experts and you deal with everything in an individual basis. And if the experts say there's contrition this person has gone through the process of trying to become a better person. And we we we recommend that you give him a second chance. Then I'm gonna lead I'm gonna let those people lead the way not me, you know, so. You know, I think the I think the bears mind transportation is is the bears would be open to this situation based on how would transpire and really quick as one listener put at George basically pooh-poohed the overtime thing and the flag being review. -able? Do you believe hearing that from one of thirty two owners that more owners will have his sort of take no rule will be chain? I think he will you saw the co-. The catch rule was took forever to change. My guess is the majority of them feel the same way. Well, how are we really going to be able to do to Kate this? How are we going to be able to do this subjectively and smoothly? And my guess is is also the the overtime. My guess is. They're not going to be a change in on either front with these particular items that I will say, you know, going back on what you ask. I thought it was re revealing that look they don't have a hard and fast rule. Dealing with Kareem hunt or anybody else in the domestic violence front to to be continued. This story is gonna play out in may play out right here in Chicago. Let's get to JD right now covered. The Chuck Pagano press conference..

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