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But if you're still interested, we could send her your way, and I was super excited together. So it all worked out. That's a great story. And just. Well, they Ben that say. For for young horseman listening, it when you have there's a real lesson here when when you've got a notion like that, and you know, a lot of times you'll people sit back, and they'll they'll see a horse go to someone else. And you know, they'll they'll know that you know, that they were right about a horse. And of course, the Sali's lit is the Alex and Jason question here and reaching out like that and being aggressive, and we talk plenty of times about the challenges of the the business it self, and you know, not everybody is. Naturally adept, and and comfortable with every aspect of what you have to do to be successful these days and being able to reach out and solicit business and try, you know, at least you tried and in this case. You may end up with a obviously, it's an important client who knows where it goes. Yeah. For sure I think in this business a lot of times relationships, you know, things like that are so important, you know, because it is you know, it is a very competitive business for sure, and you know, that when I was first starting out that might have been, you know, it's something you have to work at because that's not probably one of the things..

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