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My friend. I have a question for you on this very five at five. Okay. So we know we know for a fact that the the mega millions is gonna probably get close to a billion dollars for by the next drawing. Yeah. If we buy the mega millions ticket. And we decided we want to cash in. We don't want to cash it in in the state of California. Do we? No. Thirteen percent would be taken away immediately. Of that amount for the state tax as opposed to six states that have no income tax and dozens of others that have much lower tax rates. They're debating whether to go to four to five or three to four and so on in the Pacific northwest. So you have a. You know, a record breaking. I mean, this is higher than new New York, Maryland, Massachusetts. A New Jersey higher than any of those high tax states is our own California income tax rate. So no thirteen dollars. You would want to be in Texas. Yes, or Nevada. Oh, yes. Yes. I like that line is paradise. I like that. Okay. Well, then it's a deal, Raj. When we hit we're gonna go somewhere else to collect. Okay. Don't tell me you're buying a ticket. Of course, man. It's it's going to be a billion dollars north of five hundred million. I mean, I understand the most successful tax on the poor in the history of mankind is the lottery, very true. But it's but Roger it's for the children. It's it goes to the education and the children. Right. One of these days it actually will. But until they holding my breath. Well, we'll see what happens all it takes is a dollar or two dollars energy because it's a two thousand dollars to two dollars. You might as well burn that two dollars. Oh, well, we'll see. We'll see. I'm no fun at all. This was going to say when I hit though, Raj launches on me. Okay. We'll go with. Luncheon maui. That's a deal. That's right. I was gonna say we'll fly. So. San diego. Not quite good. All right. Well, let's let's dive into the nitty gritty the politicking of the day at cetera. How about this there? We are minding our business. Suddenly, the president United States decides to convene a cabinet meeting at which meeting he declares. He wants a five percent cut from all the agencies. I kinda love this, right? Well, it would be interesting at you know. A three. What is what is the federal budget now three point six trillion? Yup. I can't even compute that. But it sounds like it's going to be, you know, hundreds of billions of dollars off the off the total budget, which would which would what roll it back to twenty seventeen. Yes. So I mean, the budget has gone up so much over two hundred and twelve billion this year. Seventeen increase and the so I I I'd like to in enlisted the climate change advocates. If they want to roll back, you know, emissions of of carbon to nineteen Ninety-one levels or two thousand one levels or whatever the number is, right. I think we ought to roll back the federal budgets those levels because then we would see something significant more than a trillion dollars a year would be shaved off for instance, if we went back to federal budget of eighteen years ago. Well, that's a great point. But then there's also if the fed stops raising rates for a minute here. Roger would we wouldn't have so much money going to go into the servicing the debt. So what Trump's Trump understands this kind of stuff? Exactly the point. I think he is finally realized is that the budget suddenly going to get squeezed by having to come up with interest payments on this twenty one trillion dollars a dead, but he's been contributed to by the way. And all of a sudden, he says, oops, okay? Well, we better start cutting. He was proposing. He was actually he was given a proposal to cut by one percent, the one penny cut, and he said, no, no, no, no. We're gonna do the Dickel cut. So he's I think he's he's been to adding up the numbers. He's good at numbers. And he's realizing oops. Yeah. We'd better start cutting spending. So the good thing. Yeah. It is. Well, I'll take I'll take the ws where we can rack them up. And we'll certainly watch and see what really ends up happening at the end of that conversation. Bad news. If you're a Republican walking around in Minnesota the land of ten thousand lakes is becoming. The land of ten thousand assaults Raj. What the heck is going on up there? Well, it's a tough. It's a tough situation because Minnesota traditionally, you know, the farm labor party is Hubert Humphrey and all the rest of those folks. It's a long democrat party there. Well, not so much anymore. For instance, Karin Housley is challenging for the United States Senate Al Franken substitute, which was the Lieutenant governor there Tina Tina Smith. So Karin Housley all of a sudden it's coming out of nowhere to challenge for that Senate seat where the Democrats thought they had a, you know. So anyway, so the farm labor is getting a little getting a little concerned, they have just dumped their communication staff or William Davis for one week without pay because he was joking on a Facebook post that Democrats would bring Republicans to the team teen November seventh so. The, you know, the the general unleashing of the democrat crazies by Eric Holder by Nancy Pelosi by all these Democrats say, you know, not to mention our favorite the Maxine Waters. All of them advocating what amounts to violence on Republicans. So it turns out now that this is turned into some outright, you know, pushing and shoving where the local state legislators there, sir, Anderson's one of them was punched. A man who was destroyed Republican yard signs, and she called him on it and any puncher, and and she said he charged. It me saying go kill yourself. And then punched. So the Democrats and this is after by the way, another democrat operative was arrested in Nevada for much the same thing assaulting Republicans. The the Breitbart people have put together a list of starting with a school shooting at the baseball game of overt acts of violence against Republicans there now over six hundred separate instances unbelievable. It's. And in some of these cases, I mean, these are just people basically doing constituent outreach. They're just talking to people in public places and people are running up on him just punching him in the side of the head. I mean, it's. It is not lost on me. Right. So that is the land of Paul Wellstone in that Wellstone memorial famously is what tank those Democrats back in two thousand and two of you remember, that's exactly right. And so and Al Franken got taken out by the metoo movements. And and now the this is going to be interesting to see if we can be held by the Democrats, given that this is the level of violence, and one of the things they said, look these people have been attacked. So it's not the Minnesota, wait. It's true. Minnesota's full of very nice people like this kind of stuff. And I think California, we would view it as you know, the normal everyday thing. But but in Minnesota, they have a different way of looking at things. So know, they're all together. And they they're nice to each other. Yes, they are. That's that's usually what you expect from them. All right. What one interesting little development that you sort of foreshadowed a number of months ago when the Janice decision came down, which was a huge supreme court decision that allow. Allowed for a public employees to opt out of the union dues. If they didn't feel like they were being if they didn't want to be represented by the union, they could opt out of those dues and that was established by the supreme court backed up by the supreme court. It was a reversal after forty years of being on the precedent. It's gone. It's out it's over well, the public unions. They're making a run for it here, Raj. They're they're dumping as much money as they can to try to affect us before that wellspring of money dries up as people. Discover hey, I don't have to pay my dues anymore. If I'm not being represented by these guys. Oh, that's right. This is their last hurrah. This ruling Janice versus AFS CME was. Was really a blow a body blow because government in the past local government has been in state government has been collecting forcing their employees to contribute to the unions. In other words, using a public agency to force people to contribute to unions, which in turn contributed to keeping the state house in the local city councils like in San Diego under the union, Tom. So this is a really important moment because they're flush with cash. These unions SEI you and all the rest of them. They're just flush with cash. So what are they doing? They're putting money into ballot initiatives to raise the minimum wage to increase taxes in Maine to Hawaii to to attacks investment properties. Particularly the Trump Tower there were still four hundred units and the president of the Hawaii state teachers association says. Look if he's rich out of state investors could afford multi million dollar properties they can afford to pay more taxes to help educate. Hawaii's children, right? Oh, this is being bankrolled by the fairness project by the sixteen thirty fund by in other words, by George Soros. And by these unions that have said, okay, we've got the money. Now, we'd better spend it in every state. We can't get as much big government as we can possibly squeeze huge. Because this is this is like you said, they're going to go for this last hurrah before the twenty twenty election, and that when everything gets thrown wide open, and they're gonna try to they're gonna try to make as much mischief and create as much drama as they can while they still have access to those very very fungible dollars. Well, that's it. And so they've contributed government. Labor unions have contributed about thirty million dollars in two thousand eighteen for federal elections, which which is interesting because you're seeing that with this dialysis initiative, that's all your ballot at the. You is pushing here in California. Yeah. Ninety nine percent of AFC, which is the government employees union, contributing to federal candidates ninety nine percent unbelievable. Well, the Republicans are running on bigotry. That's. And that's more powerful than money. I I love this. I love this stupid thing. It's slate as well, the Republican, it's they're resorting to bigotry, the, you know. Yeah. Because Ted Cruz was being bigoted towards Beto work last night. Shut up. This is insane. This is wacky. Well, it's late, and you know, slate is they truly unabashedly leftist point of view, they're going to ignore the six hundred plus two instances of violence against Republicans because they're Republicans by Democrats because they're Democrats, and they're going to say the Republicans are running on on bigotry. Well, it isn't bigotry to want the voting rolls to be composed of citizens bigotry to want people who entered the country do so legally it is a tree to want a military that stands up to dictators around the world. And and and successfully it isn't bigotry to to really think that the government is not the best provider of healthcare. There must be a better way. So these guys, you know, everything that they this is a typical democrat playbook and slates the front runner. Any time that they disagree. Then you're, you know, a fill in the blank, racist, homophobic. What have you, and whatever, you leaders bigotry? That's that's their fallback position. And and tying right into that. Because it's all identity politics. Megan mcardle has got a piece in the Washington Post. And basically, she's asking will the Blue Wave collapsed before it reaches the shore, the key poll from this from this op Ed piece by her is she asks this question in the wake of what happened with cavenaugh with all the rage, all the Sturman drawing Raj that went on with with the the consideration of blassie Ford's allegations, and that sort of stuff the poll, quote from her is if the Blue Wave collapses before it hits, the shore Democrats may need to ask whether metoo would other forms of identity politics are really the wave of the democratic future sating. So Roger they actually rethinking identity politics over there on the left, and I think they should. And we've been. Asking him to for a long time. Because for instance, the reaction now even in the mainstream media to the DNA test of Senator Elizabeth Warren has now turned completely against her. The the mockery, of course. From the from the conservative side was was predictable. But now, you get outlets questioning, and and a descendent of Pocahontas was such a thing. Pocahontas? Does now says the DNA thing is is ridiculed the native Americans and she autumn apologized. So I I think the the identity politics thing along with political correctness is finally, you know, getting a reaction in the American general general American public, I must've go the real wave has got to be worried the real wave the hurricane down in Florida because and I should have picked up on this earlier, it really destroyed about six of these panhandle counties that are very very Republican. And the ballot. The mailing ballots. Stuff has started in Florida. The Republicans are doing very well. By the way, there's no Blue Wave down there there about forty thousand goats more coming in so far on the on the mail in ballot for Republicans and Democrats, but the, but the mail in ballots from those six counties that were hard hit by that hurricane zero or near zero versus, you know, thousands and thousands of would have been expected to come in..

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