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Sure. But I didn't know if you've ever want to go to that. I'd wanna go to Super Bowl at some point not this one. Yeah. I've got to be able to stay up. You know what I mean? I gotta get my legs back underneath me. And I don't have them yet. And you also want to see a cool halftime ban. I feel like I do and I'd like it to be in a cool place. Whereas like where they planning on having Super Bowl that. I would be like, yeah. Let's see this year's in Atlanta. And I'm not juiced. Now. I love the stadium. I know the area, but that's not something that I would be. But typically, they're in warm weather climates. Okay. So or domes, right. Let's let's bring it up show. I don't have him in New York. I can't I can't even ask you to bring that up. But now, and I don't want to I don't like to look up things. I don't care about. Shaves. Biggest for twenty nineteen give me a producer can replay. I am into it. All right. It's a twenty nine hundred Atlanta. Twenty twenty Miami. Okay. Now, we're talking. The new hard rock stadium. We're talking twenty twenty one Tampa. Gross. They know how to party though, don't they in Tampa method Tampa? Yeah. Twenty twenty to Los Angeles. Ants about that. This this stadium is going to be that brand new stadium. It is supposed to be the craziest stadium of all time. I saw the designs for it where it's incredible. It's we're the Hollywood park track used to be okay. So the the the sketches that I've seen it look like, it's the doper stadium of all time could be all right? Twenty twenty three Glendale Phoenix been that stadium. Man. I'm all right and Phoenix on that one party there the share twenty twenty four New Orleans there, we go. Oh, I'm in. I'm in to that. So there's there's a couple on that list that I'll be happy to go to Miami. Throw it out on. Totally norlin. So every other year. I'll go every other year about that. Who's your halftime guessing who do you wanna see? Mislead e a gig. 'cause she's look once you do it. You don't really go back. You don't do it again. Has pink ever done? It. I can see her fucking swinging around the whole God damn stadium. Yeah. Yeah. Like, a huge. Yes. Slapping. Everyone's hey. Yes. Walking on the ceiling of the dome. I could see that happening for sure I feel like she has done it. I wish there was a way to look. I know they made an offer to JC this year. He said, no and arena Riano. So turn turn. Yes. Yes. She was supposed to I right or no. She would have been great. That would have been great Gysi woman. Great needs to be somebody with a big catalog where you go like oh shit that oh shit. Oh shit. Would look for a little Bruno Mars to do it again. In just. Done with him. I would've loved to see in the stones since they're going on a USO tour next year. Come back and do do the halftime show set of maroon five done it before. Right. Yeah. All the all the dope people. I guess that. I really wanted to see who have like a monster catalog dead or done, it prince did it, and he was the best to ever do it in my opinion. Bowie. I would've loved to see Bowie. But he's he's gone. He's not really like a suit. He is if you can get into it like I mean, look Bruce Springsteen played. Yeah. He was great Tom petty. If you would come up with his dog if it's Pinkston the national anthem but not done, right? And and guy to the nationalist movement here before she did the the halftime. So so like, I thought I think my guess on the other show was paying can I was like pink would have made sense. If you're not gonna pick in Atlanta artists, which they should've right because to me they should rolled out outcasts that would have been fucking get back together. Oh, would have been awesome would have been awesome since then Atlanta. But no going dick us with. Marine five I would love to see arcade fire. No. Are you being serious? They've put on a great show. None. They're not. They're not fucking how they don't have a catalog for halftime show..

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