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EMMY award winning Anthony boarding parts. Now the final episodes Sundays at nine on CNN. Good evening. We begin tonight with breaking news, new account of the disappearance of US-based Saudi journalist, one involving his killing inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul at the hands of a team organized by high ranking Saudi intelligence officer with close ties to the inner circle of the kingdom's crown prince Mohammad bin salon. One of our sources described what he or she says, may have been an accidentally lethal injection followed by what is described as an amateur cover up, which included according to another source efforts to keep the Saudi government in the dark it even as chilling and damning as that sounds the question remains is that just a cover story for something far worse and potentially more damaging on the world stage was Jamal Khashoggi murdered by a hit team. And then as a Turkish official told us today, was his body cut into pieces to be disposed of in ways as yet unknown or unrevealed. There are certainly a lot to raise. Suspicion. Remember yesterday CNN saw cleaning crew entered the consulate before Turkish investigators went in remember also the Turkish investigators. Once they got inside said, they found evidence of some kind of cleanup including painted over surfaces and toxic materials, unquote. As you know, the turfs also say they have audio and video evidence of what went down, including because Shukshis death. Also today they released passport scans of seven Saudis. They suspected of being part of an alleged fifteen members, Saudi hit team, which is reported to have included an autopsy specialist with a bone saw any or all of those things argue against this new botched abduction and amateur cover up story, whatever the truth though, and we don't know at this hour, President Trump appears to be ready to cut the Saudis. Plenty of slack ready to go all in with it speaking with the Associated Press today, the president compared the situation to allegations of sexual assault level against supreme court, Justice, brick, Cavanaugh. He said, and I'm quoting here we go again with. You know, you're guilty until proven innocent. I don't like that. We just went through that with just as cavenaugh and he was innocent all the way as far as I'm concerned, he also told the AP that his belief that rogue killers may have been responsible was informed by what he called his feeling when speaking with the Saudi monarch, and here's what he told FOX business news earlier today. Turkey's looking at it very strongly. We're all looking at it together, but Turkey and Saudi Arabia, looking at it very strongly and it depends whether or not the king or the ground prints knew about it. In my opinion, number one, what happened but whether or not they knew about it if they knew about it, that would be bad. If they knew he says, now this new account of constructions disappearance leaves open the possibility. They did not and make that what you will. But as you do remember it, Doug tales neatly toward the president. This morning signaled was a willingness to believe. And remember just yesterday the president said something very similar. I just spoke with the king of Saudi Arabia who denies any knowledge of what the plays with regard to as he said his Saudi Arabian citizen. I've asked any firmly denied that you believe children. Mike Pompeo is leaving literally within an hour or so he's heading to Saudi Arabia. We are going to leave. Nothing uncovered with that being said, the king firmly denied any knowledge of it. He didn't really know. Maybe I don't wanna get into his mind, but it sounded to me like maybe could have been Rogie killers Bruno's. Who knows? He says, row killers, keeping them on. He, he probably does now either through Turkish intelligence assets or other allies, or perhaps by way of our own capabilities, we, the public may not know. But the commander in chief likely does at this point yet even based on our own limited knowledge, the notion of rogue killers or some kind of accidental murder. It doesn't really add up. For starters, the two are contradictory rogue killers and overzealous interrogators. Now, if they were interrogators, they would be there with the kingdom's blessing on the kingdom's orders, presumably is former c. i. director. Michael Hayden told us last night with the knowledge of crown prince NBS as he's known..

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