New York City, New York, Pentagon discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


The Koven 19 pandemic, leading to an escape from New York. Start spreading the news. They're leaving today. They don't want to be a part of it. New YORK New York A new report from Douglas Element Miller Samuel says the New York City is facing record apartment vacancies. It's leading to lower rents across several burrows after residents fled the city during the pandemic. One thing that landlords were doing to lure new tenants is to offer free months on the least, usually at the end of a full 12 months, which leads to a reduced overall rent. But it's Still uncertain how many will return. New York has managed to flatten the pandemic curve. But a shift back to the city may depend more on telecommuting than any incentive that the city or landlords can offer. Sandy and dress Oh Fox News Lightning from a rare summer thunderstorms, sparking several small fires in Northern California early Sunday. Those Stoking a big forest fire that's forced hundreds of people from their homes north of Los Angeles AA Defense Department task force now being put together to investigate military UFO sightings. The Pentagon is now so interested in those cockpit videos in which military pilots are pursuing something they can't identify. There now, forming a high level task force. Instead of like those sci fi movies where the government tries to keep UFO discoveries under wraps, both the Pentagon and members of Congress have been discussing those things openly. While they're doubtful those flying devices are from another world. Some brass express hope they could be alien UFOs, they say, would be better news than earthbound adversaries coming up with a new technology. Evan Brown Fox News. It's being billed as the first Mediterranean cruise after Italy's Corona virus pandemic shutdown. Passengers boarding the MSC.

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