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Cape okay morning news well this morning we are hearing from a lawyer from the trump administration who is suing California over a state law signed by governor Newsome requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns in order to get on the state's primary ballot this is by the way the second lawsuit that's been filed against California on this topic this is attorney army Dylan who says the law is unconstitutional our lawsuit students to get a declaration from the court about the qualifications clause also to uphold the first amendment right California voters and then finally there's an equal protection argument by treating members of parties differently with respect to this primary ballot thing as opposed to people who vote for unaffiliated candidates doing expects to win given that not even Congress can ask for an individual's tax returns without proper legislative purpose family members of the gunmen in a mass shooting at a California food festival are telling their stories about what happened the family of St Tino llegan say they are deeply shocked horrified by his actions they said in a statement yesterday that they would never condone the quote hateful thoughts and ideologies that led to the incident and that it was impossible for them to reconcile his actions with the sun that they thought they knew we get open fire the Gilroy garlic festival on July twenty eighth before shooting himself three people were killed and thirteen were injured authorities have opened a domestic terrorism case into the incident after finding a target list containing religious institutions courthouses and other sites that were compiled by the government and across the news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. we have an update for you this morning on a story we talked about here yesterday morning segment of supervisors are now considering spending one point eight million dollars to re activate red light cameras that have been out of service since the beginning of the year supervisor don Natoli says he expects contracts with new vendors will ultimately be approved it was stressed by those giving information from here so far but also by colleagues in in the staff report that it has reduced collisions at intersections significantly over the years has been in place and was data behind out provided by sheer supportable in the previous report in today's report and so there was some sense of urgency this will be open to public discussion and comment at the board's next meeting which is August twentieth law enforcement officials hope to have the cameras operating again by September first California hotels are taking steps to combat human trafficking chip Rogers president of the American hotel and lodging association says hotel staff will look for signs of trouble our ultimate goal is the trafficking be completely eradicated from ever U. S. hotel the single best way to prevent trafficking in hotels is to make sure that the staff is trained the national human trafficking hotline says that in California last year there were over sixteen hundred cases of human trafficking reported and over thirteen hundred calls from victims and survivors president trump and democratic presidential candidate Beto o'rourke or in a war of words after last weekend's mass shooting in Texas president trump is not necessarily making is planned visit to el Paso anymore welcome after a tweet attack against former el Paso representative Beto o'rourke who's been attacking the president since the shooting occurred trump tweeted a war Tuesday accusing him of having a phony Hispanic first name in an attempt to appeal to voters Beto has been called Beto since his parents gave the nickname as an infant trump also said a Rourke is embarrassed by his poor polling numbers and that he should be quiet Rourke replied the twenty two people are dead as a result of an act of terror inspired by trump's racism and that neither he nor el Paso would be quiet Mike Bauer NBC news radio everything a little bit more into this right now president trump will be visiting Dayton Ohio and el Paso Texas today following the weekend mass shootings and this hour's featured audio clip is from Beto o'rourke Democrat from Texas he was asked on CNN buy a biased host we should say why some people in Texas don't think president trump should visit el Paso I was just talking to somebody listening.

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