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But there is no way. You can tell me they're any better at the back yet. No, certainly not yet. Now, the one thing that I would be encouraged by is Ryan sesame who set up a couple of the goals over the weekend. I'm sure has been good. I think he's been fairly consistently good in a bad team until you've got that. And you've got Mitch Lincoln in with them. No one's good. But sesame on is the one with the hype and the promise who was so good as just like threw teenager in the championship. And they for whatever reason had not been able to unlock that so far this season in the Premier League. Maybe people were worried that he's just too small for it. Just. Not ready for it on. Maybe maybe he was just a big deal at the championship level. Right. But he still so incredibly young any of those conclusions would have been way too premature to make and maybe run areas. The right guy to tap into the the potential that is in there and start to get it out of him because we hadn't seen it yet. All started to see it this weekend. Yeah, you're right. And a lot was foisted on him on a young age people were saying he should have been brought to the European championships based on how well he played in the excuse me brought to the World Cup based on how we will how Ellie played in the in the championship, which was a crazy thing. There's a lot of pressure on them. Yeah. When things aren't going well at the back. It doesn't matter you he was in a poor side. Defensively dot is still the area than to prove full still bottom right now. Eight point three teams at the bottom, but Fulham Cardiff h have two wins. Did you know JJ that there is just one club in the Premier League that has but one win do you know who that be the team with only one win Huddersfield? No, no, no you. Southampton. Oh, oh, yeah. I was setting. Are you gonna wrote it on the sorry one? Yes. Sorry, excuse me, David Wagner, who had a very good win, by the way in terms of getting points wolves. Yeah. This is we're here. We are again with Mark Hughes that that very small bump that they got last season which kept them afloat in the Premier League. I mean, surely, it's only a matter of time for Mark you. Yeah. The football is wretched. They're conceding there. Again. The great problem struggling to score a low of the two of the weekend from from strong. We're pretty impressive goals. Just we always said that it would catch up with them this policy of just allowing anyone to leave because you have this belief in your system to replenish talent. And it did work longer than probably a lot of people thought that it would. I also also appointing Mark us. I know he's the he is now in the pew lesean aller de and mode of firefighting manager that comes in Pardew, Ian, that's a little bit unfair because he had stoke as a really solid mid table. They were what they finished tenth for three straight years. I mean for Stoke City do have been doing that. I think that's a little bit harsh. Mark us to say that he's one of these guys who will get you set to finish seventeenth. I don't know man his his CV's underwhelming when you take it in the in the totality QPR Fulham. Yeah. Not for me. Let's see lot happened outside of England as well over the weekend, which actually leads us right into what very well might be your new favorite segment. It's is is this all rate on the. Was the principal? What is French for JJ? Well, I'll tell you what it is. No win six entering the game. But finally on regrets. His Wayne one way to fellow strugglers can with Falco bending home a beautiful free kick the captain Falco for only his fifth goal of the season..

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