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One of the top five quarterbacks in the league. it's just not. I did this on radio today. And basically i said who would be an untouchable in a trade for stafford. And i said there's one untouchable in a trade for stafford in its shakes young and for me. The reasoning is is the thirty three years of age and the truth is stafford. Isn't isn't to shawn watson. However i agreed to different deals however for deshaun watson and i tried to explain to callers who disagreed with me vehemently and and it's fine because i do think that there is first of all the debate. If you wouldn't trade chase young for shawn watson is that you don't think too shawn watson is a top five quarterback. You don't think he's truly one of the elite quarterbacks and if you don't think that then that is a fair conclusion. I happen to think he is in that. He's going to get better And so if you do believe. He's an elite quarterback. Like one of the top three to five quarterbacks in maybe he even climbs on that list you know as he starts to enter as prime which by the way. He's still a couple of years away from You you do it so quickly that i it's it's it's such. It's such a no brainer in. I put it in these terms. Tommy if shawn watson had been on the team this year and chase young weren't on the team. I think they would have won ten games nine or ten and there would have been a chance that they'd still be playing now. I think they probably would have lost to you. Know green bay or maybe even tampa bay and they would've played tampa in the first round. But let's just say that they ended up having a they would have been a team that would have been two to three games better and would have had a chance to win. Playoff games this year and by the way would have been a future next year year after super bowl. Pick for a lot of people now. I agree with all that chase young. All they won seven games now. He missed some games and by the way he was a rookie and he got better and better and better. And i'd hate to trade him by the. I wanna make sure i'm really clear on this. He was my favourite player on the team. Even though i was very critical of his game against tampa. I did not think he played well against tampa. I think the defense has a whole basically post against tampa and that's why they didn't have as good of a chance to win that game despite the magic of taylor heineke and now all the pedals being thrown at his feet But i i absolutely think that chase young is a player that has a chance to be the best player at his position in the nfl. And that's the first player on this team. That i could say that. About since sean taylor. Trent williams was never the best player at left tackle in the league. He's never never the best left tackle me. He was a top three to five guy. Never the best chase young within a year or two could be the best four three defense event pass rusher you know in the nfl. It would kill me to trade him but for a top three to five quarterback no brainer no-brainer now. What else would they in that deal. to me chase young is a first round pick in a high first round. Pick going into his second year. And if they're requiring three. I what it would be. It would be number nineteen this year. It would be your first next year and it would be chase young and and you and people are like. What are you talking about chase young end to i Maybe it's chase young. I and a third or i in a second. But you're not getting away for chase young for shawn watson straight up which should tell you automatically that if you don't think you should trade that you should throw in Chase young as part of a deal for watson. There's an anybody in the league. That wouldn't do that straight up. Unless they had watson evaluated as not as high as most people do. If you don't think watching the top you know an elite quarterback. Well then you don't do that. Obviously but if you think. He's an elite quarterback. Paul you go for it. This is just the football part of it. I mean you're not going to have to convince the owner who may love chase young for all. I know being the local star. You know you're not going to have to convince the owner that you know. He should trae chase young for shawn watson. The star power difference between chase young in washington shawn in washington are two drastically different things. I mean if your quarterback is the showing washington in the nation's capital right. Now let's say for the next five to seven years. I mean you know. I mean there there there. There's your marketing tool right. They're they're they're here. They're both what you thought you had with robert griffin the third Look the bottom line is. That's a major hypothetical and chase. Young may not be something that houston would require back anyway. They might just say we need this year's first your twenty twenty two i. You're twenty twenty. Three i and we also need you know a third rounder from this year and it may be all draft capital in washington doesn't have the same level of draft capital that say The jets or the dolphins have an example Anyway or or by the way even new england has because then the new england patriots have a higher pick then washington for the first time in twenty years So you've got you've got teams with a higher pick held the forty niners have a higher pick But the jets and dolphins each. Have two first round picks. You know the jets have the second and the twenty third overall and so they could deal those to end their first rounder next year because the first rounders so high this year. That might do it. Three i for watson straight up. The dolphins could could do that as well Look my position has been as it relates to stafford and watson I would I would make no players Untouchable in deal for watson. I would make chase young untouchable in a deal for For matt stafford And i know some of you th think that you should make. Terry maclaurin untouchable to terry. Mclaren's nowhere near the level of chase. Young terry mma not going to be the best player at his position in the league. I think he could be a top ten receiver. Some of you think he is already. I don't know if he's that he's clearly a top half of the league number one wideout with great potential and by the way great culture guy to you talked about yesterday or the day before. How much. Ron rivera loves jon allen. Which is why. I would bet on a contract extension for jon allen. Not him being part of a trade. If i was forced about one way or the other Chase young would be my only untouchable in the deal for stafford I wouldn't have. Anybody untouchable in the deal for watson but the bottom line tommy is. I don't think washington is going to end up with either one of those two players I think they're going to be a better options for the two teams trading those players. I don't even know if washington will be you know reach out..

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