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They do have spectrum there. See if you don't have spectrum at your house. He can watch the game with us or if you don't wanna pay open ticket prices again, you can watch with us. We're giving away all kinds of stuff including tickets to my next movie night, which is avengers game on April, the twenty fifth Mason in Ireland t shirts, all kinds of other stuff. Join us March twenty eighth that's this Thursday at clear men's galley in San Gabriel moments. Are you making the trip you come into Clemence galley? What day is it Thursday? Come on. Do it do it. That's really far from me. Do it. You know, call and good you. It's kind of far for me if it was like down the street or something, by the way, the dodgers rotation. At least for the start of the season is officially set the official home of real dodger Todd in John ru opening day. Ross stripling Kenta Maeda Walker. Buehler. Who is thrown a five inning sim game. I think it's today in Anaheim Clayton Kershaw by the way throwing a two inning sim game today in Anaheim. And then Julio Arrhenius will be the fifth starter Kershaw is nursing himself back to health working his way back. He's as I mentioned sim game today and Walker bueller. Sim games. Walker? Bueller will be ready to start game. Four Richhill starts the year on the injured list with a left knee, medial, collateral strain. He'll probably miss a few weeks. Thankfully, the dodgers. Are they've got a lot of starting pitching a lot. Starting pitching. Yeah..

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