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Reverend listening to this. We're getting a job. We're getting a full demonstration here institute literal and that's what they did all the way pretty much the means. Did you make do the dance. Whilst I don't think he ever did in front of us. Adults Don at one point. They were fantastic fantastic guitarist I mean. Yeah I mean it's time and of its moment it was probably supercooled. You know what I mean but we would teenage kids and I. I did think hang on a minute about any anything else if you know what I mean. No offense to the shuttle's problem saying we should be trying to do our own stuff and we and that's kind of our became singer because Boorda Guitar. I kind of learned a couple of colds from one of the other guitar player will and just came back to practice inside about this and they all kind of looked at me and went well. You're not going to sing it. Then get so so. That's our became the singer. Really pay wittman comes the little time after that. Yeah and he just like my voice and he can have really great for into it deeper lovely. Thank you And he kind of felt he could do something with that but at the time nobody say nobody nobody outside. The business would have known Pete Wilson what he was not a famous person is point. No it was because he was on Popeye. Well yes came became like probably more of a household name. I mean those guys nightside so many hits at one point it was just aft. They used to have a whiteboard on the wall and literally they would have five songs they'd written and produced in the top twenty. Sometimes it was insane city. Best friends with Carlene Jason. No not really not really I mean a couple of times. I think people think we all lived in a flat together. Got An old traveled. Raimondo boasts we never did. I'm currently I've met a few times lately. I mean you've missed about no not really no the stories not exactly no. We need to sit down with a bottle of wine to do that. High after the pit with Jason a bit more. Because I've done a few gigs Jason's yeah. Yeah Yeah and And that's been Kinda Nice actually when Kylie to fifty. We went to a party and stuff and Jason was there and also Mike Stock was that one of the one of the guys from we had a bit of a Nassar for quite a while. Actually it was quite funny because I don't know obviously water goes under the bridge. We were kids we were. We did what we were told. I think again there was quite a bit written about that. Like it's this convertible and you know the fact and it was a hit factory because the having hits and they kept kind of churning them out but I don't think they ever sat down and thought let's just churn out another here so then they loved the whole process of songwriting. They loved I think they were more in love with songwriting anywhere production to meet after US them now but they they kind of found the sound and men are created this honor shoot so really because the first when I first went there a signed a deal within their production company to make advocaat making a record so for me. I'm thinking I'll get to Africa. Megan record and see how that works. I wasn't thinking right. I've just signed a virgin or universal monster big label. And we're going to have this massive. I thought this is uh-huh outfit. We'll see how it goes. They just happen to have a number one record literally the Wichita that the first one I think was princess sale number one which is one thousand nine hundred five in your number one and then spin me round but alive used Araya round. You're right round like Mariko. But they're completely different. Yeah struggled missing the number one. It's kind of like a pop soul kind of it's it's a totally different nobody. She came much later. She sleigh villainous Sonya shortly after that are a little while after Mellon Kim and again those three those three artists and record. Don't sound anything like each Kim Song Coffee for this in a minute. Anyway was they. They found a sound and they found a way of doing things. And I think they then saw fitted the artists that they'd signed especially they'd kind of cultivated to work with I e Kylian. They wanted to do that in a melon. Kim Think we're on their label even think or label. They help so. I was signed to their production company. I did get released on. RCA NBA M. G. Worldwide. Boom all of it but I did actually sign to. They're very small production company and they create their sound a wheel fitted into to it. And I think DJ's journalists a lot of people kind of pooh-poohed it and Kinda hated it to be honest because it was kind of very very it was very fight. Fight people having an issue with Matt's Martin a certain point win to some degree was dominating the charts with Britney and backstay about street. Bus Boys Backstreet boys back stage was not yet but I think I think stock Aitken Morton definitely kind of either they or somebody within it all are. Somehow they became a really big name and it was a they were almost there records. We sang them and and then it changed. Obviously because Kylie became massive Jason. We're GONNA be massive. I did all right so you become an artist in your own right if you like. But it's almost like Oh. This is the next stock watering record. He wants to. You're going to have yeah slightly different with Jason and carly because they were already famous because of being on TV. But I'm saying if you'd sign to their production company with people's more because it was a stock-taking Wasserman record then when hoots this dude call Rick with a quiff who looks about eleven so and then eventually you start to get your own thing going and what was weird music. When I went to America nobody had a clue they were so it was like starting again but I kind of liked it because it was like all the interviews aren't about about he's talking about them saying it was relentless because they will house Oh name so it was a bit you never never gonNa give you up became very famous in America? Yes in American football team at DOT. I think what's happened with that song. It's just become and something else. I don't mind at all because I yes. It's my soon because I sung it but it's also hates so long ago Eh. They go over to very nice way but so many people have done crazy and weird things with it. Explain quoting wish I I wish Sukur well. Regional one was that somebody sent an email and within the email to be a link to obviously a video. You'd Click on any copy. Somebody Bacon a lovely kate. It could be somebody doing somethin'. Rude a copied. It could be anything it could be like the winning. Ah Anything and then a few seconds into it or at the the really pivotal moment of that video it would click into my video. Never GonNA give. Can you say which was probably humorous for a few seconds and after a while became unbelievably boring for people because he also did this thing on one of them. I think you'd actually took over you computer for a while and yet to turn off together king pirates is a bit of a mean the thing but it also and then from that every now and again it resurfaces and someone makes another prank video of something the White House rick rolled themselves selves. Somebody on White House on the White House staff. This is when Obama was in wireless so everybody including the president of the United States got an email like day. That Rick Wilson. That's pretty cool. It's so there's been a few lineup that being said bombing those who you are. Of course he does anyway. uh-huh yeah I mean you might do. I did a right. They definitely yeah so yeah no yeah I think think what did what did your parents do with my mom. My Mom and dad split when I was about four and I'm the youngest of four kids actually five kids. They had a son who passed away before I was born and before the next this was born on the youngest so they divorced when I was about four my my mom kind of went to work in an office into an office job in a local and then when she was I can't remember h exactly. I'm going to say a late for think. She played piano really well as a kid. Like really amazingly well could sight read classical and play and everything and one of her friends operatic singing events and things not not like mega professional book amongst a nice for our common gone. Play play with this friend of hers and do this thing and a long story short. She was invited to play in a wine bar and she said it's not possible. I can just see it. Say This I on a middle this woman. I can't go and possibly play anyway. She did in the end and she really liked it. Quote Long Story Short. She ended up playing piano every night. In a why for not known wish which plane why Bobby shows so played in like a local that you can relate this but certain pubs used to have a piano room. Yeah so there'd be appalled and people go to drinking it and then some people might get a sherry or whatever it be and go into the piano room and listen and maybe seeing and I'm probably making a bit more quainton props. It was but she had a circle of friends there as well. I'm and that's how she quit her job and became a professional musician. I I was probably a teenager. I was I was probably mid to late teens. I think she lends to drive. It's free it's crazy my mom's still alive. She's eighteen but she's she learned to drive. Live in took on being a professional piano player in Midlife. I think that's pretty bizarre. Free Amazing data the great singing voice but never did anything. It wasn't a single reaches sang around the house a lot. I think it was pretty weird for them to stay together where they know that I was i. I Live with my dad through the week and spend the weekends at my grounds where my mom lived so I am. I mean I don't know okay. My Wife said Yeah. He Ate Danish. Well we we do certain things. I think what we have kind of arrived inherited from that. Is that the Danes of eating well for a long time. They eat pretty healthy. I know the Danish pastries teeth taken the ship. Most of the Bacon here to be honest. They do they not about it. I know they do they. Are they do like the Bacon. All they're always moaning because the best bacon comes here evidently. Yeah which is a weird Johnson's temptation from Denmark. No Swedish fish and it's like dough from law to Njit. As like Chris Boden coming in the book that get you a copy bring it on my watch. We'll we'll be all over. That said what does your wife Cook. That's all of the things that she gets asked to make is a thing which endangers pronounced kaiser which is curried herrings herrings which sounds a bit awful amazing journey. He goes. Yeah but what you do. Is You apple as well. We'll select chunks of apple and you boil egg and cut that out and put it into it and then there's this curry sauce on describe it and it doesn't sound that heart O'Connor O'Connor cold on Rye bread and the thing is we. It's like a coronation chicken. But with a coronation okay. Listen believe me. I've I had to kind of like steel myself to eat it the first time but my God wants you've had it's like a slightly addictive anum we we. We moved about six years ago and we used to live across the road from some really lovely people still really good friends with them. Workout parents to a couple of kids kids and stuff. So sometimes we dip over Christmas really big family anyway. So but we'd go over sometimes in maybe not do the Christmas lunch with them. But I think we have a few times but you we'd have we'd get together at some point and Lena my wife had to make a huge bowl because they've got quite a few boys as well in their family and girls but they've got a few boys could eat for England thing and she'd have to make the huge offset and she made her own ribot as well and she still does and they when we go home visit them now Christmas or whatever time year she has arrived it pickled herring. Yeah Yeah sits Uncle Jeff. Yeah and it's called Chi Chi's sill conceal is is how they present curried herrings. If you find curried Harry puts again apple in it. I don't think book I think he showed. Oh Yeah love that you know what. I'm actually really hungry. Can we have a little bit. We've just made finger sandwiches like they're very fake to you. Ready for a cup of Tea Makes Cup of tea which is growing up with in the house when you were younger. Who did the cooking? Well we had a housekeeper which is kind of yeah it was all drily because uh-huh yet Mrs Hill. Who became a massive figure in my life? She was never gonNA take the place of my mom. Obviously thank you. She was the woman in our house. If you like. You know what I mean. And we'll be the kind of house we woke up and we'll be there go home from school and stuff to be in your dad's house revenue mom's house in a broken family if you want to call it that was kind kind of Alta back then..

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