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Holds a hand in his face dollar pass. To a cutting cred. Gary Witherspoon, his shot rejected off the window Brooks. Cincinnati works at into the front court. Jennifer feeds it down low Williams into the lane. Spins shoots makes the shot at checkout traveling called on key Williams. The ball over. You don't need to look over at the sideline and try to get validation controls girl to get back on defense find dramatically locked in thirty seven thirty four the BULLDOGS still on top has the bear cats. Turn it over back to back possessions. Peter's triples into the front court Lancet off on the primitive for Nick weather spoke now at the centre court in his brother Quinn. Derry dribbles outside the arc near the right point backward. For Peter's heaters defended by Jennifer now, the Bearcats switch Scott defense three point shot. No good for Peter's rebounded by Brooks. Sippy state comes out missing threes early in the second half. And the cats have the ball down thirty seven thirty four. Bounces it near the right elbow for Trayvon Scott. Couple of right handed dribbles hands. It back to Jaren Cumberland lefty spin move into the lane. No look feet for Scott, Scott guarded by home at works them into the lane up and under move his shop locked out of bounds by Eric Holden, leaving seven seconds for the Bearcats shoe knows these under the basket, that's an extra defender. You don't wanna make your pivot your drink take towards the baseline carbon will throw it into the baseline left of the rim. Slaps at the ball. Looks for somebody to get open passes into Williams wide open three in and out. Now. Good rebounded by Nick Weatherspoon races. One hundred miles an hour heading to the ram running shot blocked by Keith Williams, and Cincinnati comes up with a loose ball. Here's a long lead feed into the basket by Brooks waits for the fly. By has the ball knocked out of his hands gets it back. Get stripped at the waist and the loose ball goes to Mississippi State now helmet into the lane running lefty shop. Thanks. We had the ball. He keeps every ball. He gets down by his waist. Numerous opportunities for Cincinnati. When the cats were down by three and they could not score they trailed thirty nine thirty four Jennifer dribbling the tuna circles defended by Peter's Jennifer, calmly passes to Cumberland fifty feet away from the basket. Follow a jump shot. Yes, sir. Spot at the free throw line elbow area. Catches it backs out. Soft rock or step pulls up jumper thirty nine. Thirty six the BULLDOGS by three with sixteen fifty remaining Peter's tripling with a right hand up the near sideline into the frontcourt. Switches to the left hand it off on the perimeter four Quint dairy Weatherspoon straight away for the bucket about twenty five feet away dribble. Handoff for lavar Peters again near the top of the key. Peter's driving to the free throw line stops passes. It backward for Hallman seven to shoot. They leave him open three point shot left side of the rim. No good rebounded by Trayvon Scott. It off for Jennifer guns at ahead for Keith Williams. I it backward for Jennifer the Bearcats setup trailing by three with sixteen eighteen to go. Jennifer passes, fort Cumberland, curling off a screen on the left side of the floor. Back to Jennifer bounces it for Keith Williams. Isolated all alone on the right side of the floor guarded by Quin dairy Weatherspoon step back jump shot. Yes, sir. Poetry motion one dribble Adam to loosen up a little bit step back. Pull up that's eleven for Keith Williams. Thirty nine thirty eight Mississippi State by one after beating buys many as five BULLDOGS have it in the front court heater straight away from the basket, bounces it to the free throw line Abdu throws it right back to his point guard. Peter's Peter's outside the arc throws it over the shoulder into the corner. Nick Weatherspoon has it. He'll launch a contested three airball hit the head of a bulldog. But then got poked out of bounds by Trayvon Scott. Is upset because he wanted that rebounds. Only four seconds on sock. Would they come out of the time out because is limited hands in his face? Takes us to the under sixty minute media time out fifteen thirty one or face vans. Bulldogs will have it with four seconds to shoot. When we come back to score thirty nine thirty eight Mississippi State. This is bearcat basketball presented by energy pellets of America. Newsradio seven hundred wwl w. No an ad from dad.

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