Steve Olson, Medicaid, Lear discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


Waiver approved by the Trump administration allows those making less than $12,000 a year to qualify for Medicaid. If they work. Trainer volunteer for 80 Hours a month, program administrator Seema Verma joined Governor Brian came to make the announcement. President Trump will defend the rights of states. Design their own programs and worked to ensure that Americans are in charge of their healthcare, not special interest groups. Democrats complained about what they call burdensome work requirements and only want a full expansion of Medicaid from the state Capitol Singer PARISH 95.5 WSB Georgia Voters worried whether they're mailed in ballot will count contracted through a free service ballot tracks president Steve Olson tells WSB K consign up or email, text or voice alerts. In various languages offered in different states to find out where their ballot and whether it's been accepted. You can check through the secretary of state's office yourself. But Olson says this service helps voters who don't do that financial records released last night show Senator Kelly left. Lear's husband has donated $5.5 million to a Super PAC to boost her campaign. Under current election law, he could not donate that much to her directly. She's loaned 20 million to her campaign since her appointment. The Georgia United victory packs bought ads targeting left Lear's Maine Republican Challenger Doug Collins. Recent polling shows Democrat Rafiah War not pulling ahead of them. Both of the race may end up in a run off. A second survey this week alone suggests employees want the option to keep working from home after the pandemic. More than half expressed doubt about returning to the workspaces once they reopen the main reason cited for wanting to continue working from home. They get more work done. Reporter Matt Piper says the boss may be getting the message. Only 14% of employers in the Corn fairy survey say they'll make a return to the office mandatory. Twitter takes the blame for knocking users offline last night. Social Media company said the issue was caused by an inadvertent change it made to an internal system..

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