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We've actually been there several times that we we of made a point of going back to a bunch of places. We went there tomato toast, by the way. I'd never. Yeah. Had specialty. Yeah. I. Yeah. Mike for you on your pictures as who are all those random people in your pictures. Joe, we know people everywhere now. Nice. Nice. I suddenly. Yeah. Swingers or something like that? Like who are these people? Just look like you guys knew them. And I'm like, I wonder who those people We do. do. I mean there. Yeah. It's an interesting crowd. It's like you're in Barcelona. And it's a woman from France a guy from the Netherlands woman from re not Romania. We should point on this. It's not. It wasn't Paul Stephanie. Oh, and then my wife who's from Massachusetts. Yes. Exactly. Right. Mary. Marriages says are these people hololens users? Not yet. Soon. That's funny. You really did make friends. Yeah. Mary Jo you, probably don't know this about bars. But there are a really good place to meet people. Crisci? Yeah. Look at you with Alex kitman. I'm like, okay. Your I asked him if I could take a picture, he said sure, and I started taking pictures. He goes, no, no, we're gonna take a selfie together. I'm like, oh, God, give me a minute. Then because it's. At least he didn't say to you at Julie Larsen. Green. Did be nice Paul only if your click. Obviously, not the way may twenty. Crony dice. Yeah. Especially for food pitchers. It's stonning and you flew Norwegian. Yeah. Yeah. I was that. It's great. Yeah. We've done. We've flown them. A few times though. Nice direct flight cheap. Nice new plan. You know? You know? Oh, you'll see the Samsung booth briefly this photo set. While way walking by as quickly as possible is closed..

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