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My son's name was Clios, Paul. Jacket. Yes. Yes. He does. He always be over here. My name is found some some weed in my son's pocket, and I was asking on where did he get to marijuana? This way. Joe saw. Oh, okay. That's Makino, son. Right. I'm saying smoke. Do you know? A flock together. Yeah. Hot water cornbread hanging out with them. Also. Little boy. But I know. Done that. I see what's going on. He said, well, you know, what smoked in the house. And I was like, well, why did he smart? Let him do that in the half. When he don't do it because he said that he's afraid of your son. And then when one time he told you can't smoke in the house kick the damn TV set over. And I was like, well, you know, what man you need you need. Okay. Oh, okay. No. Lord of mercy Cosima, I don't smoke. No Reefer, I'm recovering as far as hard drugs. 'cause you know, I got caught on that pipe for a little bit. I was going to Glasgow for like seven years. You know what I'm saying? Undestand if I can't smoke crack, I don't want to smoke. No. We don't smoke something. I'm going to take from you. Exactly. My name is Cleo. Oh, okay. Tell me no less. Tunnel style. Raising his voice said you like that too. Then smoking Wayne and the man how. Okay. I know exactly what he's trying to do can I speak to him. Hello. How you doing? I'm good. This is this is Mr Liu Fei. Listen, I've been speaking with your mama about you smoking with my son. We don't raise your voice at me. Because I am not the person for you to raise your voice. Hello. Hello. I cannot believe that he face like that. Okay. So if you see lobster tail out there lobster tail pork chops chicken, Wayne, tell them that. I'm him today game. Thank you for being on. The second time I've called you. And thank you so much. All right..

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