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Got thirty one degrees and blue skies over Boston. And a whole lot of red on Wall Street. Let's check in with Bloomberg's Andrew O'day times are crazy on Wall Street when the Dow was down two hundred eighty seven points, and we're calling it a comeback earlier this morning, the Dow was down more than five hundred and then follow the index is best day ever in which it rose almost eleven hundred. Hopefully, you can keep up with all that the NASDAQ also bouncing off at least its worst of the morning right now losing only one hundred eight as five hundred down thirty to the US job market keeps on humming. Labor Department says US filings for unemployment benefits decreased for the third time in four weeks hovering near an almost. Five-decade low that reflects robust job market jobless claims fell by one thousand two hundred sixteen thousand last week matching forecasts Dow losing two hundred seventy seven Andrew rotate, Bloomberg business on WBZ NewsRadio. Thanks, andrew. It's seven thirty eight right now, the death of another migrant shod while in border patrol custody has alarmed members of the Trump administration prompting the secretary of homeland security to reevaluate the department's health screening process of migrant children coming over the border. Here's ABC chief national correspondent got homeland security seems to now acknowledge that its current system at the border with that historic influx of children isn't working. Now, I spoke with the Commissioner of customs and border protection. He said that he has ordered the mandatory medical check of all children under the age of ten in the agency's custody. The agency is also undergoing an internal review. Meanwhile, hundreds of migrants being dropped off by the busloads and more expected to be released and censorship. Shelters across El Paso that according to immigration and customs enforcement. Claudia? Christians a local TV report and eighteen are expected to be a release that's per Annunciation house one hundred and eighty six were released yesterday with about two hundred the day before and two hundred and fourteen on Sunday evening, when we first broke the news to you and those releases began at the downtown bus station now that brings the total to about eleven hundred immigrants release this week. Outgoing congressman beta O'Rourke of El Paso is talking for government aid to be sent to help house and feed those migrants. Scientists and officials in Indonesia are keeping a close eye on the Krakatoa volcano and asking people to stay away from the coast of eastern Java more than four hundred thirty people were killed over the weekend. One hundred fifteen hundred others are still missing by to NAMI triggered by an underwater landslide along that volcano and experts say it could happen again, although CBS correspond. Peter berry berry. Peterson.

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